Fire Love

By @Books_and_Secrets
Fire Love

Ella and Shaun two teens with incredible powers.

Chapter 2


I was called by Mick. I walked out of my room and saw Mick in the middle of the conference room.

I said, ” You wanted to see me, sir.” 

He said, ” Yes, I found another person that can control fire, her name is Ella. I need you to train her and keep an eye on her.”

I said, ” Okay, will do, sir.”

He said, ” Oh and Shaun don’t fail me, you know what happens if you do.”

I did know and said, “I will not fail you, sir.”  

The next day I went to the training room to practice and wait for Ella. The training room was white all over with scorch marks on the walls from the accidents I made when I began training. There were targets of many shapes and sizes. I was bored of waiting so I started training, I held out my hand and imagined a fire in the shape of a sphere. Then I felt a little bit of my power to make the ball of fire, then I threw it at the biggest target and got a bullseye right in the center.

When I saw her, she had hair the color of the fire that I make and soft golden eyes. She was beautiful standing there in her training gear, a simple black material. I saw in her eyes that she was scared. I walked over to her and said, “ Hello, my name is Shaun. What’s your name?” She looked up at me since I was a head taller and said in the sweetest and quietest voice, “ Hello, my name is Ella. I watched you train right then and I was wondering how did you do that?” I took her arm and lead her to in front of the targets.

I said, “ So, you take and picture the fire and the shape you want it then you take and feel it in your hand then. It sort of lights in your hand. Then I guess you throw it like a ball.” I took her arm and felt a sort of connection. When I saw that she made a fire in her hand but not like a ball. ‘Well it’s a start.’ I thought. I said, “ Okay, you need to picture it a little harder and try to shape the fire with your mind.” I saw that it started to take shape then went back to the fire shape.

I said gently, “ Okay, maybe you should take and start a little more basic. Let’s start with a simple flame in your hand.” I took and held out my hand that had a small flame on it. Ella took and concentrated. Then a flame roared to life in her hand. She smiled and then she put her hand to her forehead. She looked like that took a lot of her strength but when I do it I barely even feel tired. I said, “ Are you okay?” She looked up at me. She had beautiful golden eyes like the sun on a sunny day. She said, “ I’m okay. I just feel dizzy and have to lay down.” She laid on the ground with her eyes closed. I picked her up and went down the hall and brought her to the infirmary and laid her in a bed.

I went to Mick’s office down the hall. I knocked on the door, the knock echoed in the room. Mick said, “ Come in.” I opened the door, Mick was at his desk with his hand folded in front of him on the desk. I said, “ Sorry to bother you but the new girl named Ella seems to be not very strong but she’s powerful. I saw how she made her flame at first was powerful but she is not strong enough to hold this power that she has. I think that we should find a way to take it away.” Mick sat up and said, “ I think that you should let this play out and try to befriend her so she feels better. Each day report to me her progress, if she is as powerful as you say she can be a good weapon for our cause.” I thought about the years I have been here. I shivered. I said, “ But she is not strong enough for the missions.” He said, “ She will be ready and you will train her and befriend her. Do you understand?” I said with a sigh, “ Yes I understand, sir.”

I walked to infirmary to see Ella and carry out his orders. I opened the doors, Ella was in the bed that I set her in after training. She looked beautiful in the bed. I didn’t want to wake her so I sat on the next bed and waited for her to wake up. I waited and looked at her. ‘Why her? Why me? Just why?’ She looked like an angel laying on the white bed. I finally just fell asleep in the bed.

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