Fire Love

By @Books_and_Secrets
Fire Love

Ella and Shaun two teens with incredible powers.

Chapter 12


I try to move. My head feels like a brick and my body is heavy like a sack of flour. I feel groggy and confused. The fog must have been sleeping gas. I get enough strength to look around Ella is nowhere. I see a boy standing among the unconscious bodies. He looks about 14 years old and has black hair. I try to get up a few times finally after the tenth time I get up onto my legs and walk carefully over to the boy that is turned away from me.

“ Hey. What are you doing?” I asked.

The boy was startled and spins around to face me. He has light blue eyes then I recognise him. He is the boy that I was supposed to find with Ella.

“ Hey, sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” I said.

“ It’s okay. I didn’t know if anyone was up yet.” said the boy.

“ Did you put the gas in the vent?” I said harshly to the boy.

“ No. I got here about an hour ago it sounded really quiet in the club so I came in to see why.” said the boy.

“ Oh. Well then. Hi, my name is Shaun.” I said holding my hand out.

“ Nice to meet you Shaun. My name is Matthew.” said the boy now called Matthew.

“ Nice to meet you too. Did you see a girl when you were outside or a van coming from the club?” I asked.

“ No, I don’t think I did…Wait! I did see a van pull out from in front of the club. It was driving north of here.” said Matthew.

“ Thanks. I need to find her. Will you help me?” I asked.

“ I guess but I don’t really know you and you don’t know me is it really the best idea.” He said.

“ But she doesn’t have time for us to get to know each other!” I yelled.

“ Okay, okay you don’t have to yell I see. I’ll help.” He said.

“ Let’s go!” I said urgently. I pull him along to the motel next door. I run in and get mine and Ella’s things then pull him to the van and get in.

“ So, what way did the van go?” I said starting the van.

“ It went down the street that way.” He said pointing down the street to the right. 

I drove down the street in a few hours we caught up to the van. I got out and made a fire wall in front of the van far enough away to stop but not harm the van. The van stopped only a few inches from the fire wall. The man stayed in the black van. Matthew got out of the van and ran over to stand next to me. I tried the back, it was locked. Then I stood back and it popped open. I guess it was because of Matthew. I looked into the back of the van.

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