Fire Love

By @Books_and_Secrets
Fire Love

Ella and Shaun two teens with incredible powers.

Chapter 1


I was asleep I lost track of time. I don’t know how long I slept maybe an hour or two. I was in a room it was dark and scary in there. I heard a man’s voice coming from somewhere near me.

The voice said, “ I brought the girl you wanted.”

Another voice said, “ Everything is in perfect order.”

I yelled, “ Where am I? What’s happening? Who are you?”

The voice answered, “ I am Mick. You are in a room in our building.”

The other voice in a loud whisper said, “ Why are you talking to the prisoner?” I thought in my head, is that what I am, a prisoner. I don’t remember how I got here.

I yelled, “ What do you want with me?” No one answered. The room was dark. I saw and heard nothing for hours.

Then out of the dark, the voice answered, “We want you.” Then the person left, I was alone.

The next day I was allowed to come out. The lights came on and I saw a door that led to a black room with two men in suits also a table with three chairs. One said to sit down so I sat down without an argument. 

One man with light brown hair and light green eyes said in a confident voice, ” My name is Vick and this is Nick.” Pointing to the other man with black hair and dark green eyes.

I said in a shaky voice, “My name is Ella. Why am I here?”

Just as he was about to say something the door opened a voice said rudely, “ I told you to wait for me.” The voice sounded familiar but I didn’t know why.

Vick said questionably, “ We were just introducing ourselves to her.” Then I remembered the voice was the one from the other night. The man came through the door he was also in a suit and had brown hair and green eyes.

The voice said calmer, “ Okay, you may tell her why she’s here now.”

Vick cleared his throat and said, ” We brought you here because you are a threat to the people.”

I was confused, how could I be a threat. I asked, ” Why?”

He looked confused for a second, then he said, ” You don’t know?”

I wasn’t sure what he meant but I answered, ” No, what do you mean?”

Mick still standing by the door asked, “What do you remember?”

I thought for a second, then said, ” I was standing in a room covered with fire and I was standing in the middle of the fire not feeling hot at all.”

He said, “Stand in the middle of the room.” I didn’t know what he was planning but I didn’t argue and got up. I stood in the middle of the room and he gave me a piece of wood. Before I could ask him why. I felt a rush of power and it bursts into flames. I saw the orange fire lick at the light brown wood but I didn’t feel the hot fire only the wood.

He said, “That’s why.”  

I was scared, why and how can I do that. I let go of the wood and the bright fire died out, I felt a little dizzy like my energy was gone. I fell almost hitting the floor but he caught me just before I hit.

He looked surprised and said in a sweet, quiet voice, ” You should go get some rest, we will talk more in the morning. Then you start training.” I was too tired to talk. He showed me to a room and I fell on the bed. It was soft and comfy. I fell asleep instantly.  

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  1. MCKapo

    Sooo, I think SO MUCH more detail is demanded of this piece. There’s a lot of telling, in just the first few sentences, she said this, he said that, add in some emotion, how is she feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling?
    Maybe it’s just me, but I like descriptions of people to be more than their hair and eye color. What kind of presence do they give off, how to they stand or slouch, do they smile or grimace?

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    Reply 0 Replies Mar 3, 2018

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