finding the meaning of life

By @Abby_7
finding the meaning of life

it's about finding the real reason that why are we on this planet

Chapter 1

why are here?

Dr Stephen Hawking once said that we may never mystery behind this life.

I sometimes wonder people say that everything happens for a reason so why are we on this planet why are we even here? People get caught up in their own lives so much that they forget to ask the most important question that what is the purpose of this life? some people might say that the purpose of life is to be successful, earn money become rich and have world-wide fame but again isn’t that what we call the materialistic world . now some intelligent people might say that the purpose is to be happy is to find happiness in whatever we do but another question arises doesn’t fame and money also give you happiness. According to me this is a very contradictory statement

Now let’s bring some astronomy into this people say that earth was formed a billion years ago, the big bang happened a billion years ago in which galaxies were forms the milky way galaxy was formed solar system was formed and our mother earth. then came the dinosaurs after some centuries they also died and after thousands of years came humans. Scientists say that we evolved from a monkey now what humans today are is very different from what humans were. if we evolved from a monkey then obviously these thoughts on money, fame, happiness, success did not come from the monkey brain these thoughts came into the minds of humans as our society got reformed then people started realizing their emotions such as happiness , anger, jealousy , hatred from all these emotions came things such as money and success

I don’t think that when person comes on this earth, he/she has to be good at something or has to be successful or has to be rich and has to find happiness in everything well if a person is like that then he/she has to be god

According to me the real purpose of life is to find why are we here I mean there is so much out there outside of the earth out of the solar system outside the milky way galaxy there are thousands of galaxies and god knows what’s in there. There are just so many mysteries in our life that we forget about and start leading a materialistic life. People believe in god so much that they leave everything for them and go into exile but they don’t even know if there is a god or if he ever existed and people never tend to find it. we think that the center of the universe is earth but there are just many unsolved, mysteries, riddles that are still not known. people believe that this universe is the mind of god but if so, it is what is the universe of god where does god live? And one more important question what happens after death this question is something that many people have pondered upon but we may never know the answers to these questions while we are alive thus, I think that the real meaning of life is to find the real meaning of why are we here

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