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Final Moments

By @NyratOcnarFiD310748

Final Moments

Her hand races across the page

Getting her final thoughts down

The last piece anyone will have of her

She can’t help the waterfalls staining the ink as she writes

She just hopes it’s eligible

She finishes her note to her mom

Places it by a picture of her and her mom from three years ago

Back when she was happy

Now the only thing she wants is for it to end

She goes down to the kitchen

Opens the drawer

Pulls out the sharpest one she can find

Makes her way back up to her room

She texts all her friends a final goodbye

And then she can begin

She slices her wrist

Cries out in pain

The blood starts to pool around her

The tears wont stop

She can’t stop shaking

Her heart won’t stop racing

She takes the blade

Points it to her stomach

She stops for a second

Rethinking her decision

But she just wants the pain to end

She says her final words

“I’m sorry mom. I love you.”

And just like that

Her tears stop

She’s not shaking anymore

And her heart isn’t beating anymore

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