Figments of the Past

By @AnnekayWinters
Figments of the Past

This is a compilation of poems that I'd written before coming onto this website; they are generally kind of short, but I'm still somewhat proud of them.

Chapter 1

What You Miss

A fairy came to call last night, she came tapping on your glass,

But you never seemed to notice her, you let her sadly pass.

She had stood upon your windowsill, begging to be seen,

But your eyes were purely focused on that toxic glowing screen.

A rainbow arched above you in a blur of color yesterday,

But you never seemed to glance up, you let it fade away.

It peeked from ’round an ivory cloud, its colors softly bending,

But you were far more concerned with simply tapping, clicking, sending.

A shooting star soared through the sky, I wished on it for you,

But you never seemed to see, you let it disappear from view.

It burned with brilliant brightness, and it’s fire began to grow,

But you only stared, illuminated by a pale electric glow.

A nightmare came to haunt me in my mind, just tonight,

But you never seemed to hear my cries, you let me shake with fright.

Darkness tried to swallow me, I fought it ’till the end,

But you only heard the pinging sounds of all your online friends.

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  1. KnightSavior

    I like this poem! Sometimes we’re so captured in our social media that we let life pass by without taking notice of its memorable moments. A great piece!

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