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By @HSW_1994

Before I say GoodBye

Dear C,

You might wonder why I’m saying goodbye to you. I’m sorry but I’m tired. Tired of going back and remembering what we had. I’m tired of being the one who needs to understand people. Tired of loving you too. I had a dream and that dream, you ruined it. I tried everything I could sadly, you just turned a blind eye on me. It hurts so much that you started to forget about me. HAHAHAHA. Feels weird why I’m laughing now. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be the friend you wanted me to be. I’m sorry if I annoyed you just to make you notice me. I’m sorry if I’m saying goodbye even if you don’t want me to. Maybe I just want a new life, new beginning, new me. I’m moving somewhere else, somewhere I wish I could find myself. I wish you good luck with everything. ‘Til we see each other again.

Yours Truly,


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