Slowburning Fever Dream

By @PileOfAmoebas

Slowburning Fever Dream

By @PileOfAmoebas


Chapter 1

Chapter You

I wanted to write something but maybe instead of writing, I just won’t. Maybe I’ll write nothing at all here. Maybe I’ll just upload this to a website and leave it to the viewers to decide what to do next.

But that wouldn’t be very fun so I probably won’t. (Editor’s note: I did)

Hello and welcome to another edition of Alex being overcaffeinated and typing too much. This is the first edition, if you don’t include the minor fixes that I made, and also the fact that I did this way too much in ye olde day when I had the YouTube channel going but hey, such is life.

Anyway, this is about you. You sip the coffee. You stroke the cat. You scroll down and your eyes follow a track that closely resembles how a sentence is meant to be read, but actually darts around a bit more than most would have you believe. Actually tracking eye movement when people read something is pretty surprising. People don’t just scan left to right, they move all over the place. The human eyeball is a very weird jittery thing, but I think it’s pretty cool because it does the job. The nerve impulses that make it to the brain are fairly unpredictable so it only follows that the input would have to compensate for (or play along with) that.

So I made it about 4 paragraphs in and I’m already talking about the brain. Never saw that coming, did you? If you’re a first time reader, then you probably didn’t, because you have no reason to believe that I’d just start talking about the brain. It’s almost as if you’re not privvy to the sheer quantity of time I spend thinking about thinking. Probably for the better. This is just a little bit written alongside that. All the context is probably necessary because this isn’t very interesting without it. In fact, it’s probably not very interesting even if you do have the context. It’s just fun for me to start typing and keep it up for a bit because I am the one thinking of stuff, and to me this is all new and very pertinent to my own perception.

In fact thats basically what this ‘stream of consciousness’ style is predicated on. That’s what makes it so easy to produce and so painfully popular among any other amateur blogger that’s done exactly the same thing. So why am I doing this at all?

Well, because **** you, that’s why. Fight the powers that be, the powers that have (never) been and the powers that are currently being. Why’d you get a push notification from your time app?

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