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Faults in Deception

By @alectheweirdo06

Days After War: 2

I awake from unconsciousness. My body feels heavy, sore especially my head. I attempt to sit up, eventually succeeding. I bite back a whimper. I place my hand on the back of my head. I felt something wet surprised I pulled my hand back, crimson-stained. I examine the other parts of my body. I take in the number of cuts and bruises I have. It seems as if they are all minor injuries. I stand up slowly, not trying to agitate my head and the other cuts and bruises. I survey the area, blood everywhere.

I walk around, looking for someone, anyone. All I see are bodies everywhere. I shake, frightened, needing to see someone alive. I can not seem to remember what happened. I ponder over my memories. I drew a blank. In the distance, I see a body on the ground. Something told me I should go near it. He looked so familiar. I sat down beside him, pondering over the fact of how I knew him or why he looked familiar. I noticed he was not breathing, and a blade was in his stomach. 

I gave a closer look to the boy’s face. Memories came flooding back. I try to fight back the tears in my eyes. All I felt was guilt, pain, and suffering. I attempted to scream, but it was too hard. I slam my fists onto the ground next to the boy’s body. Hurting my hand, I cry softly to myself. Shaking, I slowly place my hands in his hand. Wishing I could bring him back, “I am so sorry, this is all my fault.” I felt as though I was missing something. I think back to when I was walking around the battlefield. “I never saw her body.” Panicking, I stand up.

I ran through the battlefield, only to realize she was not there. Meaning she was alive. My thoughts began to pick up, my mind and my body shut down. I did not even realize I was on the ground until I felt my head pounding. The concept “She is alive.” kept repeating in my head. Suddenly, my thoughts stop.

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