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Fantasy High

By @UnknownWriter227

Introduction (and Author’s Note!)

(Hello, as a young author I tend to make mistakes. A lot. Although I’m pretty advanced in grammar and literature for my grade, I still need help. This story will most likely have quite a few kinks because I’ll be writing as ideas come to me. So, please, take a seat and get comfortable and enjoy the story!)

My name is Ashton Woodz (Ash for short), I’m 15 and I live a somewhat normal life. I guess I should introduce you to my world, its not too different from the one you probably already live in. You see, in my world there are six different levels of powers (AKA quirks). There are cripple, low-level, average, high-level, and god/goddess. The other is one considered to be extinct. Anyways, we usually don’t care what level you are until you graduate school, but the weaker tender to be picked on by the stronger. If you’re a cripple, it means you have no powers. I’m supposed to be one, like my parents, but I’m not. It’s worse.. you’ll figure out what level I am later. For now, you’ll consider me as a cripple like everyone else thinks I am. I also failed to inform you that everyone in my world are Nekos. It means that we’re mostly human with either ears or horns and a tail. Some have wings, too. I, myself, am a young were-cat, meaning I’m as soft as a kitten but can be as deadly as a black-footed cat and as tricky and quick as a fox. But… I can also transform into the cat I choose, usually—as I mentioned previously—a black-footed cat. I go to a school called Fantasy High, I am the only “cripple” so I’m usually picked on. Technically, if I was a real cripple, I wouldn’t be here. Everyone else except for the staff—who were sworn to secrecy—think it was an error in the system. Anyways, let’s get on with it, shall we?

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