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FanFiction Based Retelling of Heartless by Marissa Meyer

By @maaria_pizzaria

Chapter 3

“EERIE IS THE NIGHT of our lady’s affright.” a voice mumbled. Cath stirred. There was rustling, and a snap of….fingers? Her eyelids felt like bricks weighed down with anvils, she struggled to open them even the slightest. Of what she could see was blurry, but enough to make out three figures, features are non-describable at the moment as she could not quite see enough. A new voice spoke that Cath recognized, but hardly. “Hatta, have some sympathy, will you? She’s been through more challenges within the past few months than you or I have had in a lifetime, so just, when she wakes up, tell her, tell her what really happened. I can’t bear to. It’s complicated enough as it is to see her here right now, especially like this. If you don’t, I warn you, this time we <em style=

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