Fan to famous

By @Mbooks123

Fan to famous

By @Mbooks123


Inspired by: Dolantwins

Chapter 1

Met at tour

I woke up by a text message from my best friend Ellie, she been my friend since forever we met when she moved next door we hated each other but we started to get to know each other and started to be friends, the text from Ellie said,”The Dolan Twins are bringing back the tour go buy the tickets!!” I reply with,”Okay thanks El” I opened my computer and went to the site and bought the tickets I texted Ellie,”I bought the tickets!!” she read it and replied,”Awesome :)”

The next day

It’s the day of the tour I get up and do the normal things and got dressed I went downstairs grabbed the keys and drove over to Ellie’s house when I picked up Ellie we went to the 4OU tour

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