Fallout Equestria Shattered Memories

By @Bluemoon
Fallout Equestria Shattered Memories

During the fall of Equestria, ponies were scared, they lost the princesses, their homes were gone, many took shelter in stables, most never to open again, others to open when needed, and finally stables that stay secure but fail.

Inspired by: Fallout Equestria

Chapter 1


In the vast landscape of the snowy mountains, people got reports of mass destruction, death, and terror among the skies; striking cities and other big landmarks, as Equestria was littered with a fiery death while everyone tried to escape the terror of the falling Equestria behind them, most sought shelter in the Equestrian stables.

The most peaceful land of Equestria was now no more, it took on twisted corruption and horrors no pony had ever seen before, there were stables that sheltered many ponies, the few stables in the snowy mountains housed up to 3 thousand ponies that were lucky enough to escape the terror before the once snowy flaked valley was darkened with flames of destroyed homes, and a once standing tall crystalline kingdom.

Most stables had limited time to stay open, and when it closed it would no longer open again, others failed while sealed, much more were broken into and raided. The categories of stables went on one of these many stables were called 65 and it was used to house two things: scientists working on diseases and cures and the other side was used for the rest of the population and the experiment was social how ponies would react to voting on only two parties, mare or stallion to vote on most were upset by this and others didn’t really pay attention or minded, both sides of the stable were working hard.


As years passed both parties were starting to fight and argue with each other on which one was right, how it should be ran and by who, others wanted to go out into world and see what was beyond the stable doors to excess more resources as they were slowly running out, as the resources would soon be depleted in the next 100 years.


200 or so years passed by as many of the population was shrunk down to 600 ponies in the stable, times got bad as most wanted to give up and die, but hope came when some of the ponies discovered the other part of the stable in which they became furious after they discovered this place and the scientists working in it. There was a total of 10 scientists, the other party was outraged & began pleading for them to be punished, while others wanted them to be locked up, and the last party wished to let them off to continue work this party discovered the cures and diseases same as the other two parties, they were boiling with rage.

Finding out that they were being tested on for 200 years, one of the diseases were labeled it said plants, they discussed what they should do but the choice was decided finally after 15 days the scientists were going to be killed. It made one of the parties sick so they rounded up and partially sealed the other part of the stable, the third party carried on with life like it was normal they didn’t really need that other party here.


On the other side, this party labeling themselves Union found a mysterious pod label test subject O-49 a chipboard laid on the side stating everything about the pony, they had wings and a horn, this pony was named Bluemoon and seemed to be the height of a regular pony, what shocked them most was finding a prize like this.

The union decided not to mess with anything just yet but what was interesting to them was the labels for cures rather than the diseases. The current ponies in charge put it to a vote who should become overmare or over stallion, one of the ponies bumped something opening the pod’s seal with a sounding hissing noise as cool air poured out.

The mare stirred groaning as she opened her eyes to see the ponies all watching her, she smacked her lips before she stretched and asked: “Wow… what a nap! Also where the **** am I?” She didn’t recall anything or of where she was.

They seemed shocked to see the mare was alive and actually responding, they all bowed.

She looked down, and around wondering why they did this.

Holt spoke up “The mare the princess to bring us out of our demise”

They looked all happy to see the alicorn before them, however, the alicorn was super confused and giggled nervously.

“So I’m a princess? Cool!” She smirked, and thought maybe it wasn’t going to be that bad being the leader of these ponies, she was a princess to them apparently. So rule like the princess they wanted. “Yes! I am your savior and I will bring more happiness to this… uh place”

They cheered and continued to bow when they were allowed to come back up again they stomped their hooves making a very loud Blue almost squealed with all the sounding echoing around the small space of metal walls, there was barely halls only 5 rooms, and an upper deck.

She looked wide-eyed this place seemed too small for a princess, she clapped her hooves together sighing softly, “It seems this place needs some big changes I’ll try to help you all.” She smiled making a promise to do so these were going to her subjects how about that.

Blue giggled to herself in thought before speaking up again “S-so what do I need to do first?” She asked like there she didn’t know at all. She also paid no attention to the pod at the moment because she didn’t really know what it was.

They all nodded, and the same stallion I noticed praise me say. “Well, we need a few more rooms for the 120 ponies that split off from the group of other ponies.


Months had passed as progress finally got finished on the rest of the homes and stable they didn’t look that perfect, but blue was pooped maybe being a princess wasn’t going to be that fun after all, but in the course of working hard they trained the princess to also defend herself in combat with handling a gun, and hoof to hoof combat, others even tried to teach her basic spells but in private hoping they wouldn’t tell others that she didn’t know spells, the basic spell she only mastered was levitation this was bluemoon and her life was going to follow many trials

End of prologue

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