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Faithless and True

By @Joyful17


Fragile was full of caverns, and empty wastelands that held the remembrance of a long-ago beauty. It was a desolate land with few citizens and few benefits. The longing for home was so intense that it almost took away what little breath she had left. At this point, her feet could barely move, and her voice washed out. They were nearing the region of 83. She was so weak that True had to completely carry her now. Birds were everywhere in the vacant land that sang songs of loneliness, but Faithless was almost too deaf to hear them anyway. Her flame that had been placed in her heart grew stronger, like a growing fire.

“How many more? How much more? I am ready to finish the journey.” She whispered faintly as they passed a sign that read 87.

“Close, my dear, we are very close.” He said distractedly.

Finally, in between 91 and 92, He stopped. He picked her up and carried her into the forest, the one that surrounded all the Kingdoms. The trees were tall, blocking out the sun. They were bare, no leaves flickering in the unfriendly wind. The ground was besieged with snarled roots; it ready to falter the step of travelers. The forest was a hostile cold. She normally would have been troubled, but True was there. She dozed off in His steadfast arms. Such arms they were, warm with knowledge of her imperfections and the acceptance of them. It was the closest she had ever been to being downright satisfied.

She awoke on a pale yellow and olive hill. Tiny amethyst flowers teetered softly on rosy stems. The menacing rows of trees were gone, True was gone, but in the distance, she could see tall gates gleaming.

Running-she had forgotten what it was like to run-she sped towards them. It was warm here, with soft grass. In fact, it greatly resembled Childhood, but better in every way. When she arrived, she couldn’t even see the top of the wall, but she could hear a faint hum inside. This city was soaring and shining with every color, and more colors then she had ever seen. She tried to sum it up but found that it was more than could be counted or beheld.

Curiously, she knocked on the gate. Immediately it was flung open, buttery light spilling over the threshold. It was filled with the same warmth of that flame she had always carried with her in heart but multiply that by the number of grains of sand by the sea and you still won’t even get a taste of it. A man stood in the doorway, with a short, neatly kept beard, acorn hued skin, and astonishing eyes. She almost didn’t recognize Him, until the smell of wood, dust, and safety filled her senses. She gulped in incredulity. True! This was the real True! Of course, it was Him, but throughout her journey, she had never known that He could wash up like this! Had she suspected it? Perhaps…

Behind Him stood Wayward, waving furiously. His blue eyes flushed with anticipation of seeing her again. She waved back, ecstatic that he recognized her. Then she looked up. The singing had stopped, and the gloriousness seemed to suspend itself in the lavender air.

“It’s stopped,” She said, knowing He’d understand. “The Craving, the Itching, the Burning. It’s all gone.”

True smiled wide, joy spreading over ever feature. A broad laugh echoed inside the walls. So alive was it, that it seemed to have a soul of its own. His eyes frolicked jubilantly with such love, as those breathtaking eyes found hers.

“That is because, my dear, you are Home. Welcome home, my good servant, Faithful!”

A new name too? This was paradise!

He grabbed her hand, as she leaned forward to catch a bit more of His aroma. The light enclosed her, as she stepped past the spacious doorway, home, at last, holding the hand of her  true best friend.

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