Fairy Tales Aren't all they Seem

By @Allerlierauh
Fairy Tales Aren't all they Seem

the real story of why Little Red Riding Hood ran into the woods

Chapter 1

Little Red Riding Hood

This is my story, everyone has heard a version of it when they were a child, but it wasn’t what really happen. In that story, the moral is that you should never go into the woods alone for bad things will happen. The moral of my story, the original story, the one that one that nobody knows is that life sucks and will make you want to die, but in life you don’t always get what you want. My name is Gina DiNardo, but everyone knows me as Little Red Riding hood and this is what really happened that day. To understand why I was in the woods I first have to tell you about my father, Jacob, he was, not a good man. The night my father and mother were married he let her see his true self. That night he beat her for the first time. They were married for three years before they had me. Three years of her getting pregnant and then him beating her so bad the child was miacarried. Well people had begun to wonder why they hadn’t had a child yet so he stopped , for the time being, and just like magic nine months later I was born. For nine months his anger had been building and being stored inside of him. He knew that is he beat me I would die and if he beat my mother she would stop producing milk and use the calories to heal herself which would result in me starving to death, either way you look at it it ends in my demise. So one night he went out to town and beat one of the bakers to death. A fancy lady of one of the nearby brothels saw the event and my father was arrested the next day and tried. He got a sentence of only five years instead of a hanging because he was a drinking buddy to the judge. Life with my mother was good, we had our ups and downs but that’s what happens in life. She loved me and I loved her, it was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. The my father’s sentence came to an end. When he first came home my mother introduced us and told me he was my father I was scared, I didn’t know what he had done to her and the baker, but I would soon. I was scared because a man iI had no recollection of ever seeing before was now going to live with us. Fo a week nothing happened, and then, all **** broke loose. He came home one day, while my mother and I were playing dolls, grabbed her wrist, twisted her arm painfully behind her back and forced her onto her stomach. He then proceeded to grab her hair and slammed her face to the floor. I was screaming and hitting his back with my clenched fists trying to make him sop. He let go of her hair just long enough to backhand me. He started to yell at m, blaming me for his going to jail and said words no five year old should ever hear. I was balling my eyes out, clutching my stinging cheek, as he stood up, he pulled my mother to her feet and forced her into the basement. That was the last time I saw my mother, her screams of agony were the last I ever heard of her voice.

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