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Fairy Godmother Inc. – Apollo’s Angel


Chapter 13

Chapter 13

 I run blindly.

My heart is beating like an ancient war drum echoing loud in my ears. I glance behind me just in time to see Apollo whistle loud in the air and hold up his powerful arm, his dark eyes zoned in on me. He looks ominous, his tall frame gaining everyone’s attention. This is bad.

I think I scream and body check a half a dozen of people on my mad dash out of the ballroom. A waiter is carrying a tray of sparkling champagne that I manage to crash into, shattering glass everywhere. I have tunnel vision as I hurry as best as I can in this elaborate gown. I can hear gasps and yells as I run past people.

Apollo didn’t even give me five minutes.

I’m in shock.

I hate him with a passion.

Taking off down a long dark hallway I try to remember how to get out of this **** castle. There is a fork in the hallway, so I stop out of breath and desperately try to remember. Which way?! Cursing I take the left and force myself into several different hallways and rooms. I hear the deep rumble of guards heightening my panic. I end in a large storage room and pause to gain my thoughts and wits. Focus, I need to operate on a higher level than I am right now.


I tense then turn around to see Mort materialize before.

“Mort!” I scream, relief washing through me. “We are screwed, he knows!”

She runs up to me and starts typing quickly. “Not quite yet.” Mort continues as she glances around the room. “I was scared this was going to happen. I will go find us transportation. But you need to get out ASAP seeing how you are limited to only your human form. Go through that far door and take your immediate left, then up the small stairs and to your right. After you go to your right climb the servant’s ladder and sneak into the laundry shafts, you will want to take a sharp left then right, then another left, but not the sharp left. Go down that long hallway and proceed to take your left three more times and keep going straight. That should bring you to the servant’s exit.”

I give Mort a, are you ******** me?! Look. 

She exhales and frowns. 

I squeeze my eyes shut. “I will make it to the bottom floor and jump out the freaking window, the old library in the east wing that is barely occupied. I know how to get there I think, searching my brain for clear directions. I did after all clean the chimney there for two days straight. Meet me on the outside of the window, it’s a bay window.” This is probably a horrid idea but it’s the best I can came up with.

She bit her lip then nods. “You go quickly, stay in the shadows.”

I look down at my sparkling yellow gown. “I need a cloak.”

“On it.”

Mort left in killer bee form and I now stand here mentally preparing myself. My black cloak hides my gown giving me more confidence. Now or never. I take off being sure to stay in the shadows. I am thankful that the castle is dark due to being nighttime. Going through that many doors without being seen by anyone could not have been repeated. I am pretty sure I didn’t breathe for a good three minutes as I ran past the Grand Library. Really though, it is not some secret ninja talent that I possess that got me to the East wing undetected, but by pure dumb luck. I hide in the shadows while a group of guards run past me.

Closing my eyes I jump out of hiding and turn a sharp corner then gasp, clasping a hand over my mouth to keep in a scream. My heart is pounding quickly as I look at a statue of a Garthorn warrior.

Just a statue.


I hear voices and my whole body stiffens, code red. I can literally see the east wing library from where I stand. Should I make a mad dash to the door?

Before I can decide my legs are already sprinting to the library. It’s like when you decide to go for it when the traffic light is yellow, praying there’re no cops around. It’s more instinct than anything.

If my heart beats any harder it’s going to break my ribs.

As I turn the golden knob, in the back of my mind I realize that I do not hear anymore voices. I shut the door and take in a laboring breath trying not to hyperventilate. I want to scream in relief.

I made it.

I am breathing hard as I survey the room, empty. I push myself off the door and run over to the large bay window, Mort has to be there by now. Jumping on the couch I peer through the glass, the pane fogging with my rapid breaths. As my eyes scan I suddenly hear distant whistling.

I pause with a frown, listening.

Tilting my head I realize it’s coming from down the hallway where I just came from. As the eerie whistling becomes louder my whole body freezes in dread. The little hairs on the back of my neck rise and my breathing escalates. It sounds too calm, too self-assured for the frenzy of the castle.

It can’t be.

I stand slowly as the whistling stops right in front of the door. I don’t even move, I can’t. I am in a state of shock when the door is thrusted open and there in all of his glory stands Apollo.

What in the ever-loving…

“There you are,” he says with a smile that seems a little on the insane side. Apollo has lost his marbles it would seem.

“How did you find me,” I whisper harshly.

He leans a hip on the large black piano and looks offended, his dark eyes glittering. “Surely I thought you’d give me more credit than that Angel.” He clicks his tongue and the look in his gaze reminds of a feral animal. Wild. Unpredictable.

I just stare at him, pulse hammering in my neck. I have no idea what his intentions are at this point. I feel like a cornered animal, if I choose to bolt he would have me in his jaws in seconds. So I stand as still as I can.

“Don’t feel like talking?” He tilts his head and looks concerned.

“How did you know I was in here,” I ask again, taking a little step back.

“I’m like a bloodhound. I can smell you a mile away.” He murmurs with a particular twinkle in his graveyard eyes. He crosses his arms making his biceps appear gigantic.

A chill runs down my spine and I’m not entirely sure if he is being serious. But a part of me thinks he is actually serious. The man does have abnormally weird eyes which puts me on edge. I really have no idea what Apollo is capable of.

“And I can see in the night, I might warn you if you decide to run into the darkness.”

“What are you?” I say before I can stop.

He chuckles like I’m cute…?

And for the love of everything holy, why is his voice so sensual? It’s deep enough to command armies into battle but still beautiful enough to tempt any woman into delicious seduction. I grit my teeth, mentally slapping myself. I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin. I am drawing blanks here, and this guy has me on a whole new level of messed up.

“Take off your cloak.”

My eyes widen. Before I tell him to go to Hell something flashes to my left. I barely look and see a silver bow behind the desk out of Apollo’s view. That was not there before which means Mort is in here! She just must have had Peirce beam me down a bow.

I’ll be ******.

I quickly glance back to Apollo and he frowns, like he can sense a shift in me. I take a couple breaths and move to the side towards the arrow. He pushes himself off the piano and steps forward. Now. I immediately jump and dive and grab the arrow, it all happens so fast that I forget to breath.

I am breathing hard as I aim right at Apollo. “Don’t—move,” I get out through breaths.

He looks genuinely shocked. Apollo holds his hands up and a slow smile spreads over his lips. “I was not expecting that Angel, bravo.”

“I want you to back up.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

I swallow. “I will shoot, and I will remind you that I have very good aim.”

He narrows his dark eyes and tilts his head. “I bet you do.”

“Last warning.”

Apollo whips out a long blade that catches the firelight, it looks lethal. He twirls it and winks at me. “Fire away Angel.”

He is crazy.

I bite my lip and aim for his thigh, but really though I didn’t want to kill him. “I’m sorry,” I say as I let the arrow fly threw the air.

Time stands still.

I have never seen a human move so fast. Apollo jumps to the left so fast that he dodges the **** arrow. Double ****. Impossible. I fire another one and aim for his arm. He looks focused, perfect form of a ninja warrior as he takes his knife and slices the arrow in half. My eyes widen, this might be harder than I thought. My pulse is hammering as I watch him, just as arrogant as ever.

He twirls the knife again and grins at me like he’s ready for more. “I’m starting to think you’re not an angel at all.”

“I am going easy on you.”

That makes him laugh. “So am I Angel.” He pauses as he flips his knife again. “I want that cloak off.”

“In your dreams.”

I always wanted to say that.

“You have no idea,” he murmurs.

In the next second he throws his knife at me making me scream, I was not ready for that. The force of the throw is powerful, piercing my cloak at my side and before I know it I am pinned to the wall behind me. The knife imbedded deep into the wall and my cloak. The blade is centimeters from my skin, he could have killed me.

“You’re lucky I have very good aim as well,” he says and walks toward me slowly. My stomach flips, trying not to notice how insanely good looking he is. His shirt is unbuttoned at the neck showcasing his golden skin.

Focus woman!

The irony does not escape me that I have to free myself from the cloak to escape. This man is either insanely clever or mad. “You’re mad,” I say, deciding to voice my deep thoughts. I run to the other side of the room, my yellow gown glittering.

“That would depend on who you ask,” he says as he continues to follow me. “To a mad man I’m perfectly normal. And, where did you get such a gown?”

“I’m resourceful.”

“So many lies from your pretty mouth,” he murmurs and clicks his tongue. Apollo wipes a blond lock from out of his face as his dark gaze consumes my body. He shakes his head as they rest on my cleavage. “Maybe I should not have removed the cloak. Quite distracting.”

“Why do you think I wore it?” I wink at him and step around the large desk

I’m baiting him for some reason.

“Not smart.”

I stare at him.

“I am going to make you pay in more ways than one,” he says darkly and continues to walk towards me, slowly stalking me.

A thrill shoots up my spine and I have to look away. Apollo’s sinful eyes are going to be my downfall. They are so deliciously abnormal, a wicked gleam dances in their mysterious depths. I continue to circle around the desk, hoping I can get close to my bow that I stupidly left by my cloak. I have to end this little thing we have going on here before it goes somewhere I don’t want it to. Well, in these particular circumstances where Apollo wants to throw me in prison.

Apollo pulls out another knife from his boot, the silver flashing. “Who do you work for Angel?”

I swallow. “No one of consequence.”

He raises his brows mockingly. “Well that’s a relief.”

I’m in trouble without my bow, my heart is pounding in my chest. I slowly make my way towards it as he watches me with an amused smirk.

He holds up his finger and shakes it at me like I’m a naughty kid. “I don’t think so,” he barely says as he chucks his knife at me with speed and accuracy.



I squeeze my eyes shut as I try to dodge it but it pierces the vibrant yellow skirts. I scream in frustration as I am once again pinned to the wall. I am on the ground trapped like an idiot. This guy throws a knife with such force it is completely unnatural. What do they feed the men in the world? Steroids? Steroids for breakfast lunch and dinner?


“If you want to escape you can take the dress off,” he offers with a shrug and a tilt of his head.

I glare at him.

He chuckles as he makes is way to me making me panic. I’m so screwed. Where is Mort? Did she leave? She must have! “Are you going to call the guards then?”

Apollo kneels in front of me, his eyes traveling over my body like a starved tiger. I think I hear him make a sound in the back of his throat but I am not certain. I look away because I don’t want him to see what his desire does to me. He is purely erotic, his smell alone is making me dizzy. I can feel his heat, his energy like electricity. My pulse is thrashing against my neck and I try to take a steady breath without success. I feel his gaze on me and it making me senseless.

“You wore the dress for me?”

I try to shift into a different position, slightly yanking on my skirt. I hear a ripping sound to my relief. “No.”

I gasp as I feel him grab my hair forcing me to look up at him. “Try again Angel.”

He is removing the pins from my hair and his grip tightens. “No, I did not wear this gown for you.”

Why am I provoking him?!

“I’ll stop as soon as you tell me the truth,” he murmurs as he leans his head down to my breasts which were on brilliant display. He jerks my head back for better access to my neck and chest. His hot breath fans over my cleavage making my skin ignite into flames. When his lips touch my skin I am nearly undone.

I need a cigarette.

I need a firetruck.

I need something!

He shifts his position as his arm circles around my back lifting me, giving him better admission. The feel of his scorching mouth on my sensitive flesh makes my lady parts come alive with alarming force.

Apollo moans into my breasts and the sound makes my toes curl. I feel so much power around him that I feel completely weak, venerable. He can probably snap me like a twig if he wants. “Angel,” he whispers. He drops his knife on the floor and grabs my right breast to massage and caress through my corset.

He dropped his knife, my brain whispers though heated desire.

For a fleeting second I don’t care. The feel of him worshiping me is so intoxicating that it wipes out my sane thoughts. I feel him licking, sucking, caressing. He losing control in the most delicious way for his breathing is escalating and his kisses are becoming frantic. Apollo takes a harsh breath as he uncontrollably lifts my skirts knocking the knife next to my hand.

Oh mercy.  

I don’t want this to stop.

But I grab the knife as I feel him reach my thighs then dangerously higher. My mind is now in fragments, shattered glass. My head falls back as I feel his fingers rub me there. Just a little bit longer… I can barely breathe, my skin is on fire. My neck muscles are no longer working.

I hear fabric rip then his hand is on my bare flesh, I scream in pleasure as he starts to work me into a wild animal, with each plunge. He is maneuvering his fingers like I have never felt before. I can’t even think, I can’t even breathe. What is happening! I feel his hot mouth on my neck, breasts, shoulder, jaw and ear as he works me. He is unrelenting, not allowing me to think for one second.

The only thing I can do is moan and whither in his hands.

I’m scream.

I know nothing. I see stars, fireworks and an atomic bomb exploding with the mushroom cloud.

Then I hear him saying I’m his.

After the waves of sensation leave my brain returns. Holy moly what did we just do? I suddenly feel him kissing his way up my leg and red alerts ring loud. I close my eyes wanting this so bad but I know if I let him and he returns to his senses, realizing I have his knife I will not escape. This is my only chance to catch him off guard. I feel him grip my thighs hard and I have to shove the erotic thrill back down. I have better hurry because if he reaches his destination I’m gone with the wind.

I hate to do this.

I use the sharp knife to slash my pinned dress free and in a split second. I feel him react but too late as I drive the sharpened blade into his thigh.

He will not die and it should heal nicely. 

Tunnel vision sets in as I get up, hearing his yell in agony. This is a **** move but I have no other choice. I’m sorry. Everything seems like I’m a dream now as I run towards the bay window. Slow motion. Somehow I find something heavy on the desk and throw it at the large pane. It shatters into a million pieces.

I outside now and it’s raining hard. I have blood on my arm probably from the jagged window.

I’m dizzy.

Very disoriented.


Mort is running up to me, soaked from the rain. “What took you so long?!”

I might not expound on that.

I glance back at the window expecting to see Apollo cursing me to hell but I do not. All I hear is a loud siren. The eerie sound ringing loudly in the night air. “What’s that?!”

Mort wipes ran from out of her eyes. “Similar to when an inmate escapes!”


He must be livid.

“How do we get out of here?” I ask desperately, flinching from a crack of lightening.

“Too many guards! I could not find a horse!”

I grab her shoulders. “You be a horse!”

She look horrified but nods.

Mort shapeshifts into a gray powerful horse and I don’t have time to be impressed. I jump of her back from pure adrenaline, my dress making it difficult to feel confident. But I have an amazing horseback talent thanks to one of my three wishes.

“Alright Mort! Let’s outrun Apollo’s men!”

I squeeze my eyes shut, praying for a miracle.

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