By @AprilHill

A poem I wrote about depression.

Chapter 1


Crashing down

My soul shatters into

A million pieces

The world around me

Is grey and lifeless.

My heart limps along

Tired and weary

Wishing that I could just


Giving up isn’t an option


Why not?

Why can’t I just

Be done?

I’ve done this all before

My life is a broken record

Stuck on repeat

Over and over again

And everyone says

“Everything happens for a reason”

“God gives us trials”

“You’ll be stronger at the end”

How can I possibly grow

When the world is beating me down?

When I am beating me down?

My whole life

Has been one giant trial after another

And I’m so tired

I’m just exhausted


Just let me rest

God above

If you’re there


Just let me rest

In your arms again.

Take me home.

Let me come back to you

I’m so tired

And these burdens are too heavy

I can’t carry them anymore

I don’t feel strong

I feel useless

And weak and pathetic

I feel like nobody. 

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  1. Breaking_Tradition

    Wonderfully written! It has a nice cadence to it!

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