By @ElyseJarrett

Chapter 1

The waves crash down

each one calling my name.

I move closer,

as it tell me to walk in.

My feet are in the water,

the warm sand in between my toes.

I move deeper into the ocean.

Everything is calm.

The sounds of the waves are soothing,

I am completely at peace.

The ocean calls my name.

I follow.

The violent water begins to pull me with it.

It takes me further away from shore.

I’m swimming away from the water as it’s trying to swallow me whole.

My attempts are failing, 

I can no longer see land.

All I see now is a deep blue.

I’m laying at the bottom of the ocean,

the cold sand in between my fingers and toes tie me down to the floor.

I lay down, staring at the boats sailing across the ocean

none of them know I’m there.

Nobody can see me.

No one can watch me fail,

fail to swim,

fail to survive,

fail at what I was walking right into.

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