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Eyes as Blue as the Sea

By @emilydg

Eyes as Blue as the Sea

There were three days left till Christmas and Sienna was packing her bags excitedly because tomorrow she was going to Hawaii. Sienna had never gone farther than Virginia Beach; when she went with her cousins years ago. Sienna’s mom had just started preparing dinner when Sienna ran down the stairs and asked her mom, “Which bathing suit should I take?”  Sienna was having a hard time deciding on what to pack because she had never gone on a trip longer than a week, she was going to be in Hawaii for the whole Christmas break. That night she dreamed of surfing on the biggest wave, even though she didn’t know how to surf.

Her mom woke her up that morning so early the sun wasn’t even up. When they got to the airport all Sienna wanted to do was get on the plane, but they had to go through so many long lines and security. When they finally boarded the plane it was around lunchtime, but she was too excited to eat because this was her first time on a plane. About nine hours later Sienna woke up to a loud rumbling engine. She was confused and also scared. Before she knew it the plane burst into flames and pieces, and gravity was taking its toll. Everyone was plummeting towards the ground, fearing for their lives and others. Moments later they were under giant pieces of flaming metal. 

I was able to escape the metal, but I had a severe burn on my leg. I tried to get up to find my mother when a single police officer arrived yelling for backup that soon came. I watched with my very own eyes as the burning walls of metal closed in. Somehow I found the strength to walk when I stumbled upon my mother’s body, tears filled my eyes like the tide at bay. I got down on my knees trying to get her to wake up, though I knew it was too late. A police officer grabbed me trying to get me to safety but I screamed, cried, and tried to grab onto anything I could to avoid accepting reality. 

I woke up two days later in a hospital bed not knowing where I was and why I was there until the memories started to flood in. A nurse walked in and gave me some orange juice as she started to explain what happened. Before I knew it I was crying and couldn’t stop. She said I was the only one who survived the crash. My grandma and grandpa came into the room very startled and confused. They were the ones we were supposed to visit. They told me that since my mother had died I was going to live with them now.  I had a hard time understanding what was going on and still had questions about my mother, I was only fourteen after all.

A year later on the anniversary of the crash, Sienna had a dream of the crash and of her last glimpse of her mother, she quickly woke up in a pool of sweat and tears and looked at the giant scar on her right leg from the night of the crash. Every time she closed her eyes that night she saw flashbacks of fire and remembered her mother’s still face and kind blue eyes. The ocean that night was as blue as her kind eyes, she never did get her perfect vacation with her mother. 

I’m twenty now and every year on the anniversary of the crash I sit in the spot where I last saw my mother and think about the vacation that could have been.

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  1. Emily Schmidt

    May 5, 2022

    I really hope you like this story! My friend and I made it a few months ago and liked it so much that I decided that I wanted to share it with other people. Please leave your thoughts in the comments and tell us what we did right and wrong.

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