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Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

By @SydneyLacroix

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“Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge”

A Short Film

Written by Sydney Lacroix

This is my first time at writing a script. I’m sorry if it’s bad, but I decided to try it. This is kind of inspired by the short film ‘Let It Be‘ by Bertie Gilbert (find it on YouTube). I suggest watching that after reading this, so you can do a comparison better. The main character is based look-wise and named after a friend that I have in all of my classes this semester at school. I think she’s pretty, and decided to bring her into my writing. I know, in my head, who I want to play all the characters so far. I’ll put a list at the end when I’m finished writing. Thanks, and have a nice day!

~Sydney Lacroix

P.S: Cavetown, the boy who’s doing the music for this, has given me permission to use his songs. I’m not kidding, he replied to my email. Check him out on bandcamp, soundcloud, and YouTube. ? #notspon #*************

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