Ever-Present Hate

By @LeChevalierRoland
Ever-Present Hate

Love becomes hate very quickly when you turn to others for happiness. What could I do, but write and hope that someday we all are able to live freely and honestly with each other and ourselves?

Chapter 1

My Happiness is her Unhappiness

She holds her wrist

Just barely below the elbow

Chews her lip and looks

Into the future

Into the past

It’s in this present that I hate her…

Having to watch her every day

I swear, this feeling

It won’t go away

I know that I’m at fault

But how can I compare?

My happiness is now her



Tell me what to do!

What will please you?


I would take you in my arms

Wipe the salt from your glasses

Pinch color into your cheeks


Don’t ask me to stop

To give up the one

because in him I find myself


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