By @Charissa


By @Charissa

Erased by her own uncle Ariel must save the kingdom by making sure her wicked uncle doesn’t keep the throne, which is rightly her throne. But it will cost her greatly to get those memories back and save the kingdom, the cost of her own life....

Chapter 1

The expedition

She would never have guessed she was the chosen one, she had no idea, that is until she took a sip and realized it was poison, that’s when everything cleared up and the memory came back, A little girl with a diamond tiara sitting atop her thick red hair, her green eyes were smiling up at her father, the King,

Ariel” her father had said “if anything should ever happen, use the sword, no one could ever deny a true daughter of the king if she wields that sword, it will be in the tower, take it, and show the kingdom who you really are!”

Ariel nodded, a tear slipping down her cheek, she knew his time was coming, she’d be all alone in the world, but for her father she would do it, no matter the cost!

Another memory came back to her, a black cloaked figure grabbing her from behind and covering her mouth before she could scream, panic clouded her eyes as her captor spun her around, it was her own uncle desperately attempting to procure the throne, but that’s where the memory ended, and that’s when her brain cleared up.

Ariel came back to the present, she had tasted the poison and she knew she only had hours left to tell the kingdom who she really was, true they had forgotten about her, her own uncle made sure they would by erasing all their memories including her own, but she had to fight, she was more than an ordinary girl, she was a princess who needed to set everything straight before her time was up! Standing up, her legs shook but she pressed on, she had to do this, the whole kingdom was counting on her, even though they didn’t know it. With every step Ariel took she could feel the poison taking effect while she started the climb up to the tower, when she reached the last step she found herself facing a door, taking the chain off her neck she clasped the key hanging at the end of it, every memory her uncle had erased was coming back now, her father had died that night he told her about the sword, but his last words were “don’t be afraid to do the right thing Ariel” then as he gave her the key her father died. A tear slipped down her cheek as she placed the key in the lock, then slowly turning it the door creaked open, there in the middle of the empty circular room was a glass table with the most beautiful sword Ariel had ever seen laying on top of it, grasping the hilt she picked it up instantly feeling a rush of strength through her body, causing her to almost forget her dire dilemma. Taking a deep breath Ariel whirled around and gasped, standing there was a boy who looked about her age, “Toby? What are you doing here?” She asked her best friend

Toby ran his fingers through his brown shaggy hair “You drank the poison,didn’t you?” he asked solemnly keeping his eyes on the floor

With her free hand Ariel placed it on his arm

“I’m sorry, but I have to do this” she said sadly

Toby looked up at her holding her gaze

then clenching his jaw he nodded

“Come on” he said

Ariel sadly smiled as she gripped the sword tighter and followed Toby out of the tower, she was to focused on not missing a step that she didn’t notice the glow the sword was putting off. When they both reached the throne room doors Ariel stopped

“Are you ok?” Toby asked concerned

Ariel looked at him with a sad look in her eyes “no, but they’re counting on me!”

Toby looked away and nodded

Without asking for permission like everyone was suppose to do Ariel burst through the massive doors and walked down the aisle right up to the throne, the guard gasped at her boldness as her uncle stood up, and Ariel was sure she saw a look of shock and fear on his face, but all he said was “so your the hero now? You figured it out, everyone will adore you and call you queen, but you won’t be here to witness it”

“I know, but that doesn’t concern me uncle!”

“I wouldn’t if I were you!” Her uncle warned unsheathing his own sword

“Your not me” She told him

He held her gaze then came towards her with his sword but before she could react the glow in her sword turned to a bright light that swirled around her then around her uncle, screaming from then pain of the pure light her uncle dropped his sword and fell to the ground

When the light vanished Ariel said “the light only affects people who were never meant to be on the throne”

“And yet you plan on making Toby king?” He laughed weakly

Toby gasped from behind her

“Because he is chosen!”

A look of fear spread across her uncles face and Ariel held out her hand “the ring?”

He hesitated for only a second but with his last breath he finally placed the ruby ring in her hand. Ariel left her uncle’s side and turned to Toby whose eyes were as big as saucers

“Toby…” she said stumbling Toby caught her before she collapsed, “my time is up” she whispered

A tear slid down his cheek “I’m not sure if I can do what it is that you want me to do”

Ariel smiled as she placed the ring in his hand

“I can’t take it!” He told her

“You are royal Toby! You need to believe that” she told him then collapsed to the floor

“Ariel! Please no! You can’t leave me!!” He told her as tears rolled down his cheeks

But it was to late, Ariel was gone.

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