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By @TheGracetter


Entrust is a story about a world placed somewhere in the distant-yet-near future.This story has been a really long work in progress, and it has influenced two other stories (which are also in the process of being written). A few things before we get to the story: 1. Many aspects will be subject to change such as Gunther’s name which I have been wanting to change for awhile 2. I am trying my hardest to make this world real, so I will be attempting slang that is not present in the actual world we live in (please bear with me xD) 3. This novel is being written in the spur-of-the-moment because I am pushing myself to be a writer so please be kind and patient with me; there will be times when chapters go unfinished. The story is also not as scandalous as the bio makes it out to be, so no worries about it being inappropriate or ”not your cup of tea.”

If you’ve got any questions or comments, feel free to do so! But cruel comments will not be tolerated.

Also, how you pronounce the name Eira in my story is like Air-rah; the other pronunciations are too complicated and not how I picture her being called!

Anyways, welcome to wonderland, my Dozahkians and Sancters muwhahaha! Enjoy!

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