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By @Joyful17

Legs tense, waiting on the mark.

Their hearts kindled, starting to spark. 

Weeks of training, now to be tested,

Trying to see if their times can be bested. 

Hearts starting to race,

As the nervous energy speeds up its pace.

Ears straining to hear the starter’s shot,

As runners dash off, and for the top spot, fought. 

Legs trying to settle in,

Trying to avoid a kick in the shin.

The fight is not in the body yet,

But in mind, how far you are willing to bet.

How fast can you go for three miles long?

Can you keep up the pace and still finish strong?

If you lengthen your stride now, can you keep it going?

What can you do now to finish knowing,

That you’ve done your best,

That you deserve a rest?

These are the thoughts pounding through your head,

As you surge and push, 

While your body feels numb and dead. 

Your coach yells out your time from the side,

“Faster! Faster! Lengthen your stride!

Tiny flags mark the trail,

As you try to win against yourself,

You strain to not fail.

Finally the months of 4 hundreds kick in,

Your mind blocks out reality, so you can win. 

The last half mile.

The final trial.

Your feet seem to know your almost there,

As the tiredness, becomes almost more than you can bare.

Your lungs start to scream for more air.

The team on the side screams your name,

You sprint to finish the race, full of pain.

22:27 is your time,

As you finally cross the finish line.

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