End of the Summer Contest

By @zhussain17

End of the Summer Contest

By @zhussain17

Maggie is just beginning her journey to becoming the most evil witch. But it's hard when there are so many enemies, especially if they're dressed in pink and begging to be your friend. Spin on what's truly evil! Will have you laughing and relating to Maggie's witty comments and plethora of adventures. You'll feel just like a witch too!

Chapter 1

Short Story: Can't You See I'm Trying to Kill You

As soon as I took a sip, I realized it was poison. I tasted rotten apples and cinnamon. I immediately began to dance around the room, “perfect!” I finally mastered the formula to create the toxic apple-like taste within my poison. “I may not be able to cast electrifying spells like Stormy or gruesome spells like Hipna, but I sure can dabble with potions!”

I quickly poured the poison into a cup of ginger tea I made for mother. “Once I get rid of the nuisance that was my mother I could be free to focus on my witch studies all on my own. This will knock her lights out, for sure.” I swirled the tea around with a spoon,”mother deserves what’s coming to her, she’s been a real pest always telling me what to do!” I took a sip of the tea and closed my eyes in pure delight, “I must say, ginger mixed with the flavor of rotten apples and cinnamon is not a bad taste.” I carried the tea cup over its plate shakily towards the kitchen. As I exited my evil lair, also known as my bedroom I cast a spell making its door hidden.

“Mother dear,” I set the tea in front of her as she sat at the small wooden table in our kitchen, “how are you?” I sat in the seat across from her smiling. I attempted to make the most endearing face I could.

“What’s wrong with you, do you have a frog in your mouth? I told you not to eat them all at once,” Mother said as she unsuspectingly brought the cup to her lips. But then she quickly set it down, my smile deflated. “Have you started studying for your witch exams, you know those determine what magic academy you get placed in. I want you in a top tier one that’s well–far away from me.” She picked up the cup again, and my smile appeared once more. She slowly took a sip.

I jumped from my chair, but just as I began to dance feeling an odd warm sentiment in my chest, my mother took another sip, “wait–”

“Oh, don’t act so surprised you putrid child.” My mother slammed the cup down, “where do you think you inherited your numbness to the effect of poison from? I’ve made more poisonous potions than all the out of place freckles on your face.”

I began to pout, “can’t you see I’m trying to kill you, like a good evil witch?”

“Maybe next time, my little canker sour,” my mother cackled.


The next day I searched through the library. “There must be something in here that has info on how to kill witches.” I skimmed through the shelves of books. “How to primp your broom–no. The Do’s and Don’ts to Washing Your Cauldron–no. Finding the Purrfect Cat–NO!” I screamed in frustration.

All eyes were suddenly on me. “What are you all LOOKING AT?!” Just then I fell from the ladder I was standing on to look at the higher shelves and a book fell to my lap. It read, “Tips and Tricks to Poison a Witch.” It wasn’t the most discreet book but nonetheless it was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t hide the devilish sneer plastered on my face. As I walked froward to Flying Class I shoved the book in my backpack.

I couldn’t even concentrate in class I just kept thinking about my book. Today was an oral lesson, as if anyone could focus on a dreary chalkboard that had a few diagrams of a broom. I simply wanted to get back to my enticing book. I reached in my bag expecting to grab my book, but out came a folder.

I started to panic. I pulled everything out from bag, but still no book.”My book! Where is my book?”

“Maggie Wanddike, report to the dean’s office promptly,” the stone gargoyle stationed in the front of the room barked.

When I walked into the Dean’s office I heard a voice I never fail to dread–Emily’s. “Maggie dropped this book and at first I was like, who’s book is this but then I remembered oh wait I just saw Maggie drop it and then I knew what to do! A good friend would return the book. But I didn’t know Maggie’s next class and she was like already gone so I figured you could give it back.”

Emily’s blond pigtails whipped around ever time she talked, making me grow even more angry. “A good friend would’ve brought the book to the lost and found. But of course a brainless dud like yourself would never think of that huh?” I stared into her rosy face.

“That’s besides the point Ms. Wanddike,” Dean Vice placed her head back onto her headless, but very living body. “You know what I have to do to you right?”

I gulped, “yes, I do.”

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