By @TerakrukanPrince


By @TerakrukanPrince

Alyssa and her brother, Ben, have a battle trying to figure out who killed their family.

Chapter 1

(A/N: hi this is my first time trying to do first person! thank u)

I closed my eyes. I could hear the echoes their screams – my family’s screams. Deep down, I blame myself. I didn’t save them. I could have saved them.

I remember that day so vividly, as if it were yesterday. I was the first to smell the flames. I didn’t think it was anything, I get hallucinations a lot. I thought it was just another hallucination. But then I heard my mother’s screams, as she burned. She was trapped, she was suffocating, she was dying… I could have saved her, saved everyone.

No, I don’t want to think about that day. Never again.

My only relative who survived was my twin brother, Ben, who, like me, was always different. I snap my fingers and a spark of fire flickers on them. We both have this ability. We’re Bearers, a rare group of people who make up less than 0.5% of the Earth. He didn’t care when our family burned. Which makes me suspicious.

“Are you alright, Alyssa.” Ben says, and I look at him. I nod yes.

“Remember when…” I trail off, “when they died…?”

“Of course,” He says, emotionlessly. “How could I forget.”

“I just…” I sigh, “How do you think the fire started?”

“I dunno, maybe it was a Bearer.”

“You mean… Like us?” I say, stammering slightly. “But who… We don’t know any other Bearers.”

“Yeah,” Ben says, narrowing his deep, shadowed hazel eyes. “but you say you blame yourself.”

I gasp. He’s not– He’s not blaming me, is he!? I shake my head no. My eyes fade to a bright red with rage and frustration that my brother would dare blame me for our mother and father and sister’s death.

“How…” I growl, hissing at him. “How dare you.”

“See,” He says calmly, “You’re unstable. You’ve always been unstable. Is this not evidence that you, Alyssa Smith, are behind the crime?”

My arms and legs twitch with irritation and burning hot rage. As he accuses me, I can’t help but notice how emotionless he is. He doesn’t care that our family died. He doesn’t care about mom, dad, or sis. He doesn’t care about me.

“Why…” I murmur. “Why would you blame me?”

“Because it’s clearly your fault,” Ben says.

“You can’t control your powers, though,” I say, narrowing my burning crimson eyes.

“True,” He smirks. “But with fire, you don’t require control.”

He snaps his fingers, and a blade of burning flame erupts from his arm. I gasp and stake a step back, accidently knocking some water on the table. I turn, pick up the glass, and splash it on his flaming arm. Ben hisses in agony, keeling over and holding his wounded arm.

I turn begin sprinting.

“Don’t run from me,” Ben hisses, as he lunges at me, tackling me to the ground. I shoot a spike of ethereal flames through his chest. He merely laughs. “You really think that’s going to hurt me? You have no idea, sis.” He laughs.

My cherry eyes widen as I push myself away from him. Where the stab wound is, flames gather, covering the hole. He stands up and brushes himself off. “Ben, don’t do this,” I whisper weakly. “You know the power of control is stronger than the power of chaos.”

Ben shakes his head no and grins. “It’s not, Alyssa. I’ve been waiting for this fight for so long, and I know you have too.”

“I would never…” I say, stepping back. I close my blood red eyes and collect my thoughts. My flames wave around me in graceful circles of control.

“Let’s finish this,” I hear him say. “Like I should have years ago, when I burned your family.”

I scream, “They were your family too!”

He shook his head. “No they weren’t. They liked you more.”

Jealously. That’s why he killed them. He murdered them because he was jealous. I raise my arm up, lifting a huge mass of fire. It crackles as I level my arm with his head. “With good reason,” I mutter, shooting the flames at my brother.

He blocks them with counter-flames and swings an arm of fire at me, hitting the side of my head and burning my cheek. I shriek in pain, holding the burn. He raises a sword of fire at me, ready to strike. I create a shield of my own flames, and lunge at him, creating my own blade, and stabbing it into his neck.

With all my might, I send a column of fire from the blade, and through the back of his head diagonally. He collapses.

“Ben,” I say, leaning down next to him, raising his head from the ground. If I could save him, maybe he wouldn’t hurt anyone after this fight. “Ben, please don’t die!”

You…” Ben gasped, “Will burn.” He lifted a hand up towards me, a flame growing at his palm, but then it grew limp and flopped to the floor.

He was dead.

“I know,” I whisper, a tear rolling down my cheek. “I’m already burning…”

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