By @conlin_r

Tomika Brigaile had always had a complicating life when it comes to everything, but she never thought it would resort to her going literally insane. But it's not until she is proven correct that everyone around her turns to her for help...

Chapter 1


It was a cloudy, rainy day, the air smelling of a light mist, the day I met Elphyra. I was at my dad’s dock, helping unload the boat from a long day on the water. I picked up the backpack and blanket my brother brought from the convertible couch bed when a huge jolt knocked the boat around. I was frightened, so I ran out to the deck and peered over the side. Another jolt. This time, I almost fell off the edge. I tumbled backwards once I regained my stance and landed right by the steering wheel. I heard a scratching sound, like nails on a chalkboard, coming from underneath the boat. It moved me around in continuous circles like a carousel does to a young five year-old. After the shaking stopped, water started spurting and spewing out from where the scratching came from underneath the boat. I shrieked and jumped to my feet. I ran to the edge of the boat, ready to jump off and swim for my life when a blue-webbed hand with ice-blue fingernails and scales lined up and down the hands groped the edge of the boat. I screamed, not knowing what to do. I ran to the other side, but once I got there, the scaly teal hand beat me there. My heart pounded so fast, I could barely keep composure. I stayed still, hoping the webbed fingers would sense my calm, like a dog senses fear. I guess the hand knew because it whispered, “I am Elphyra and I will get you….”

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