Elemental games

By @WarriorsWOF

Elemental games

By @WarriorsWOF

May is living in a world of elemental powers. There is an annual elemental game, and she is almost old enough where she can join. But there is danger lurking and May and her new s=friends may be the only ones who can stop it. This is a work in progress.

Chapter 1

Leaders of power

Centuries ago, there was a huge war. It took over the land, turning the water red, and white bones sticking out of the dirt. Then, one day, 10 leaders came, and stopped the war. They were the leaders of power.

Bolt, storm keeper. Shadow, dark keeper. Beam, light keeper. Eclipse, sun and moon keeper. Tide, water keeper. Stone, earth keeper. Breeze, wind keeper. Smolder, flame keeper. Moss, plant keeper. And Ghost, poison/death keeper.

These 10 leaders shared their elemental blood, and today, almost everyone has at least one leader’s blood. There were the elemental games. Still the battle for the strongest elemental leader, by their offspring, in a capture the flag game.

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