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Eight Years Apart

By @Morelili

Faith in me

Our story began eight years back when I was seven years old. I met him at a party and I was wearing a red blouse, short jeans, and braided hair. By that time I would only hangout with boys because I was confident and positive around them instead of girls. I would play any boy sport with them, and my favorite was football and it still is. When I was walking to go play football with the boys, I glanced at this boy for a second and caught him staring at me with such a delicate look in his eyes. He was wearing a blue shirt with black pants and his hair was smooth like if nothing could stop him from being so perfect. By that time, I felt something warm inside my heart and that feeling was love. I know that I was just seven years old, and that you can’t love someone such a young age, but for me I didn’t care. I wanted to be with him forever and ever. We would be laying in the grass talking about our future together. Talking about what we wanted to be when we grew up. My answer was I wanted to be a veterinarian to help animals. His answer was he wanted to be with me and protect me. I blushed so much and he told me my cheeks were getting red. We would be holding hands and looking at the dark blue sky. Millions and millions of stars looking at us with such beauty. At the time, everything was perfect. But everything changed…

I thought I was going to see him the next day or every other day, but he disappeared from my life. I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to him. I just simply left that party and never saw him again. I was pretty sad those couple of days because I thought, “When would I see him? When would I have the chance to see him?” But those days didn’t come. So I paused for a moment inside and said, “He’s never coming back into my life. I should just give up on this love I have for him and keep going in life.” And that’s what I did. Sometimes I would dream about him or think about him in school. This affected my dating life. I didn’t date anybody because I was afraid that if I dated someone that person would leave just like that boy did. I don’t have confidence in myself with guys anymore. So, I just went with girls this time. I had true friends in sixth grade and it was fun hanging out with them. But sometimes it wasn’t the same. They would judge me because I played football instead of talking to them. I just wished he would come back to my life and everything would be the same.

After years passed, it was February 2, 2018, and my mother told me that we needed to go to this birthday party. I didn’t want to go to that party. I wanted to stay in bed and eat ice cream. My mom forced me to get up. I didn’t put on any makeup or anything, but I put on nice clothes and headed to this birthday party. I went to sat down with my parents and I didn’t eat because I didn’t want to. I wasn’t hungry. A couples of minutes later, I just went inside the house because my mother told me to keep an eye on my little brother. I sat there on the sofa, scrolling down and looking at pictures on Pinterest on my phone. Suddenly, I looked to the left side of me and I saw this cute guy staring at me. Guess who that was? It was the guy I met eight years back and now he’s standing right there, looking at me! I didn’t say anything. I kept repeating to myself inside my head, “That’s not the guy. It can’t be,” but immediately, he looked at me and he said:

“You look so familiar.” He had this sweet tone in his voice. My heart was pounding so fast. He came closer to me and he said, “I finally found you, after all these years, and I’m not going to leave you.” I was so touched by his words, I panicked and gave him a big tight hug

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