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Eden’s Flappers

By @VaticanCameos

Smoke and Speakeasies

Forge saw him and immediately wanted to bolt. He only knew two people with eyes like that. Standing in front of him was the crueler of the two. “Pretty boy, glad to see you’re still around.” God that cigar smoke was gonna make Forge choke. He tried for a convincing smile. “Don’t know where else I’d be.”

Azra smirked, blowing smoke in Forge’s direction. “Fetch my sister for me?” No small talk then, right to the serious business. “Ain’t here.” Azra laughed at that. “Gotta work on your lying, pretty boy. When one of you is somewhere the other isn’t too far away.” Well, he wasn’t wrong.

Forge hoped the crime lord hadn’t found out about the Opes yet. Finding the detectives would spell certain doom for them, and Ezra. Azra took Forge’s silence for an answer. “Fetch my sister for me, pretty boy.” There was no request in the words now only a demand. “Ain’t here.” Forge spat back. It was a stupid he knew, but Forge couldn’t let the detectives get caught.

Azra’s lavender eyes narrowed. Forge swore everyone in the speakeasy could hear his heart beating out of his chest. “Pretty boy, I’ll let your ignorance slide just this once. But, only if you give me something in return.” He chuckled at Forge’s scowl, a bitter, lifeless noise. “Some information, nothing to worry your pretty little head about.” Forge sighed, “And you leave Ezzie alone?”

Azra glared at him, then continued on as if Forge had said nothing. “I’m looking for two detectives. From Italy, I’m told.” Forge stiffened. Azra’s grin was wolf-like. “Like I said, pretty boy gotta work on your lying.”

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