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By @evelynckim02

Beauty & Turmoil

Oh Earth!

How marvelous you are.

The fair breeze blows the butterflies away 

And the sun shines bright like a diamond 

On your diverse terrains; oceans, mountains, deserts, and rainforests.

Your winged friends chirp “good morning!”

And the humans wave “hello!”

The sea creatures swimming in your deep waters recon your hidden beauty,

While the land animals are perched on top of a rock,

Laying on the ground, or running with complete joy;

No where else would the seed of life be possible.

Plants in a vibrant array of colors and species populate your grounds

And you let them grow with your mineral-rich soils.

But there seems to be a devastating problem.

Your anger can be felt when the icebergs crumble down, 

When you unleash your powerful waves, 

And when you vigorously shake your core bringing chaos to this world. 

What all living creatures have taken for granted is now degrading one by one.

Oh Earth!

What have we done to you?

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