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By @veedacity


Drink from the eternal sink of magic,

And sink into my arms at any 

And every moment.

Think that I am pouring love down

Your throat, not forcing you but

Spoiling you with all the beautiful things that you deserve.

This life is hectic and wild

But you and I have been selected to taste

The beauty and the magic of what it feels like to be completely submerged in another being.

Like the ocean, we sway—like I’m fanning you with palm leaves and feeding you grapes.

This is Heaven if we will ever know it.

Drink from my mind, drink from my body,

The entirety of me is yours to indulge in.

Rest your head and your heart on my calmness—

If you are crying, I am the one who will hold you.

If you are struggling, I will help you through it and if you’re fighting yourself,

I will tend to your bruises.

I love every part of you the way I consume the entirety of the air that I breathe.

I will consume you—and if the air is ever hot or cold, I will adjust myself until it’s again comfortable.

So drink what you want from me, take and take—I will always be here to refill our eternal sink.

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