By @mome

This story is about a girl that receives powers that you would see in a villain. However, watch her try to grow into a hero with villain powers.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It started at school, around the time I was 17 years of age. It was kind of funny now that I look back at it, but at the moment it was very scary. I was sitting in class at my desk, you know the kind where the chair and table part are connected. Since I was at school I was exhausted, just being at school is exhausting, let alone doing work there. I slouched in my chair so I could put my head down on the table. Just as I started to put my head down my visions went blurry and then black. I just thought it was my body’s way of telling me to go home. When I went to open my eyes, a girl was sitting in front of me. I didn’t hear her sit down, or remember when I sat up but I just let it slide. The girl was twirling her hair and winked at me. I started to look around at the people around me to realize this wasn’t the group I sat near. I look back forward to the chick still staring creepily at me.

“Why are you such a creep?” I asked being serious, I’m positive I made a face of disgust. However, I don’t think she understood that because she started to laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world. I looked down and started to scratch my head. This is where everything started to click. I realized I wasn’t wearing the clothes I put on this morning. I also noticed that my hair was extremely short. I started looking around, glancing around quickly. When I saw it, I had to take a double take, because I saw my body across the room. I shot up out of my chair and rushed to my body. I must be dreaming, I mean I did fall asleep. I moved my hair off of my face, only to see my nasty self drooling on the desk. Am I really this disgusting? I grabbed my body and started to carry myself out. Not sure of what to do, I struggled with my body to the principal’s office. I walked into her office, interrupting a meeting, and threw my heavy body onto the table.

“Fix this!” I yelled, straight handing my body.

“Excuse us.” My principal spoke fakely to her guest, picking up my body carrying us out of the room. 

“What happened to her? Do we need to bribe another one, Tristan?” She spoke and I looked at her shocked, what was she bribing students for.  

“Um… That’s my body? I somehow ended up in here.” I said presenting the body I was in. The principal looked very confused. 

“Is there like a superhero hotline or something? I know there are commercials but like are they legit. Can they help me?” I asked and the principal looked a bit worried. She nodded her head and told me to follow her. I followed her into a conference room and she set my body down on the table and left to make the phone call. While sitting there I felt this kid’s phone in his pocket. I used his face for face recognization and unlocked his phone. I logged into his Instafame and started a live.

“What’s up everyone! I’m going through a crazy situation but don’t worry!” I said hoping he was popular but no one came to check out his live. I took a picture making a worried smile, holding up a peace sign, and looking off to the side, like I had secrets and want to spill the tea. I Posted it noticing this kid was kind of cute. I captioned the picture ‘The principal and I have secrets, can you guess them?” then posted it. I put his phone down only to have it blow up with likes and comments. I kind of regretted what I did but then made a whatever face and turned his phone off while thinking, its not my problem. The door opened and a very tall buff man walked in.

“You must be a drifter.” He spoke his voice low and gravely as if he was one of those people off a cigarette commercial. 

“A what? Look dude all I know is that is my body, and I’m stuck in this one. Somehow that is possible, but it doesn’t seem like it. So can ya help before I go crazy?” I spoke quickly and then when I finished I widened my eyes and grinned abnormally large, just to show a little of my crazy. He laughed raspily and I kind of felt like he was going to go into a coughing fit and kneel over and die. He started to bend over, me thinking quickly I thought this man was going to die. I shot my chair backwards about to spring to his help, only to have him pull out a briefcase. My eyes widened and I played it off cool, I took one leg and crossed it over the other, just so it looked like I was just scooting out for some leg room. Nailed it!

“These cuffs will bring you back to your body.” He said as he started to put these very techy looking cuffs around my wrists. 

“Woah! Hey dude, am I in trouble, cause if not I’m not about that lifestyle. I mean no shame, and you do you boo, just not to my body.” I spoke as I reached out towards my body in order to stop what he was doing. One cuff was already on my body and the other was in his hand. He took advantage of me reaching towards my body to cuff the hand of the body I was currently in. My head went flying towards the ground, so I squeezed my eyes shut in order to somehow stop myself from hitting it. When I didn’t feel anything I immediately thought I can fly but then I opened my eyes. My head was already on the table, drool sliding out of my mouth. I pick my head up and almost get dragged to the ground by the man I was just inside of. He fell to the ground pulling my arm and body with him.

“Can you unchain us? I’m in my body now.” I spoke and he nodded his head, as soon as he uncuffed the boy he put that same cuff on my free arm.

“You’re coming with us, it’s not safe for you here.” He spoke roughly towards me. He didn’t even let me respond before pulling me through our front office and into a car. 

“What about my family!” I screamed as he slammed the door shut. My principal nodded her head as if to tell me, everything is going to be okay and she will let my family know what’s going on. I hope she does that before she finds out what I did on that boy’s Instafame. I waved back to her, not cause I cared but because I wanted a dramatic exit, ya know, like one of the ones from the movies. Anyways as we were leaving, that boy ruined it, by someone else caring his unconscious body and putting him in the car. I wonder where they are taking us. 

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