Drew and Gabe

By @FishBowl87

Drew and Gabe

By @FishBowl87

This is a story about two boys overcoming society and making them accept the two boys

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was 6:00 Monday morning, Drew heard his alarm clock go off and pressed the snooze button. Drew yawned getting up to get ready for school. He wore a t-shirt with torn skinny jeans, converse, and a beanie. Taylor, his sister walked into his room without permission, again.

“Oh, my gosh,” Taylor said disgustingly. “Are you really wearing that?”

“Yes. I am. Are you jealous?” Drew responded. Taylor scoffed and stomped out of his room.

Drew ran down the stairs and out the door. He got on his bike and rode the four blocks to school.

Drew had his earbuds in as he rode to his new school. He was new to the school his sister was going to. He was blasting his favorite song by Queen as he went to the office for a tour of the school. Afterward, Drew headed to his first and most favorite class, art.

Mr. EverGreen smiled and said “Ah you must be…Drew Rivers?” He asked.

Drew nodded, embarrassed.

“Well, Drew, welcome to art class we are just drawing whatever your small artistic heart desires,” Mr. EverGreen said.

Drew smiled grabbing a paintbrush and a canvas and started to paint the symbol of Twisted Sister. As he sung in a soft voice in a corner of the room.

As the bell rang he hung the picture up as it was finished as Mr. EverGreen looked at it. “Wonderful art Drew! You should paint more symbols like that!” He looked at Drew and smiled.

“Thank you Mr. EverGreen. In my old school, I was always the artistic one.” Drew said happily walking out of his class.

That same day Drew went to his locker only to find a paper with big letters on each of them saying things like ‘Emo’, ‘Freak************, and stuff like that. Drew took them down crumpling them up and throwing them away.

After school Drew went to get to his bike until he ran into someone. “Oh! I am so very sorry about that.” Said the guy helping Drew up. The guy looked at Drew’s shirt.

“So you like KISS?” He asked.

“Yeah I love anything 80s” Drew replied to him. “Oh, by the way, the name is Drew Rivers,” Drew said grabbing his bike.

The boy stared at him and blushed soon after a bit. “The name is Gabriel Gordon. But please oh please call me Gabe” he said smiling at Drew.

Drew nodded and rode off as soon as he went home he ran to his room and shut the door locking it. As Drew played “Don’t Stop Me Now” Taylor knocked on the door.

“Hey, emo Freak-a-Zoid supper is done….” Taylor soon walked off as Drew opened his door with earbuds in. It wasn’t until 7:00 that he walked out of his room. His mom set out a plate for him as she sighed.

“So Andrew how was your first day of school?” His father asked not looking at him. Drew grinned from ear to ear.

“It was amazing. Art is the first class I have and the art teacher, Mr. EverGreen, is the coolest teacher ever. I also met my new friend Gabe there.” Drew said his eyes lighting up at the mention of Gabe. His mother smiled.

“Well Drew, it is wonderful you have made a new friend. I hope Taylor will help you with whatever you need in the school.” his mother replied as Taylor scoffed.

Drew smiled as he took his plate to the sink and washed it after hugging his mother he went upstairs and played music till he fell asleep.

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