The First Occurrence

By @zozo-love18

The First Occurrence

By @zozo-love18

A terrifying nightmare that she thought was just a dream. A figment of her imagination, but come to find out her dream had found a way to seep its way into reality. A dark force is haunting her mind, but is it also haunting her reality?

Chapter 1

The First Occurrence

I was asleep in bed when dreams began to swirl in my head.

Although she was asleep she found herself completely aware she was dreaming. As she drifted into her dreams and into what would become a restless slumber her body began to feel sticky. Sweat engulfed her body, but she had no idea why. Until her body began to ignite like a furnace. Subconsciously, she responded by gripping the blanket tightly in her hand and heaved it off the bed.

   Her dreams began to play out in her mind and she realized that she was completely nude. What was strange though was the blanket that once covered her in reality no longer did in her dream. It was as if what she had done in reality had affected the dream world. She couldn’t understand it, and wasn’t truthfully sure if she wanted to.

For some bizarre reason she slowly sat up, and in a zombie-like state, forced her legs over the edge of the bed. Her toes burrowed gently onto the delicate carpet beneath her. She slowly stood up and walked over to her bedroom door. She had locked the door before retiring to bed, and yet she felt the need to open it.   

She gently placed her hand on the metal handle and began to turn it slowly, fully expecting the door not to open. But it did as if it never locked it in the first place.

Her family slept peacefully and the house was filled with a deafening silence. That silence was broken every few minutes by the soft, yet audible snoring coming from her parent’s bedroom.

She walked into the somber hallway and saw her sister’s bedroom door slightly cracked open. She peered inside and saw her fast asleep. She seemed peaceful, but there was an energy in the room with her. The energy was a dark one and sent a piercing pain to her stomach as fear rattled her bones.

   She retreated from the door as the energy slowly crawled across the room towards her. She swiftly backed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Her heart raced and her chest moved up and down furiously as her lungs filled and emptied with air. She slowly calmed herself down and slowly stood up straight.

The slam rang in her ears, but no one throughout the house was aware of the commotion. Once the sound of the slam had silenced her mind registered the cold, ugly linoleum tile beneath her feet. She sighed in relief as she walked over the toilet. She lifted the toilet lid and then realized that she didn’t have to relieve herself.

Why am I here?

She asked herself as she walked back towards the door, but stopped when she reached the middle of the bathroom counter. She looked at her nude figure in the mirror and saw that her skin held an unnatural pale hue. She leaned towards the mirror and placed her hands against the edge of the counter as she looked closely at her unnaturally slim frame.

She looked up from the sight of her body and looked deeply into her hauntingly green eyes. Fear ran through her body as she noticed her eyes had become pitch black. After the realization ran through her she realized that her body began to float off the ground until she was completely in the air. She floated horizontally as if she was laying on a bed on her stomach in bed, but there was nothing beneath her.

She slowly removed her hands from the edge of the counter in fear of falling, but she was still in the air. She floated there, staring into the mirror, her eyes drenched in black, unable to show the horror and panic she felt in the pit of her stomach.

Her body began to shake like a leaf in the wind. Soon her body began to feel heavy. She watched herself floating in the mirror as her body began to turn like a hamster wheel until her feet were floating inches above the ground. As she stared into the mirror her rigid arms began to slowly separate from her sides.

As her arms separated from her sides, they slowly formed what looked like a cross. Soon her mouth began to open. As her mouth opened, the sound of her jaw breaking and popping rang in her ears. Her jaw expanded downwards until it blocked the mirror view of my abdomen. She looked at the reflection of her mouth and saw nothing but pitch blackness. Her tongue and teeth were gone which terrified her as the darkness in her mouth seemed almost alive.

After a few seconds of watching the scene before her a high-pitched raspy scream was emitted from the back of her throat. The room along with the mirror began to shake furiously and the mirror cracked in the middle. Soon after, a gasp of air entered her lungs as her eyes shot open.

She was back in reality, but fear and confusion still gripped the walls of her mind. Beads of sweat covered her body and a sense of darkness remained in her subconscious. She looked over at the door. She had locked it before retiring to bed. The door was now open with rays of moonlight trickling in from the dining room. Her dream seemed to cross over to her reality and that was what scared her the most.

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