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Drama~A Poem

By @Kittyqueen79


Honestly I never thought the drama would come this far.

Let’s see, it all started when I told one of my friends who I liked.

I knew I shouldn’t have told her, she had a reputation of not keeping secrets.

But I made her promise not to tell anyone.

I thought that was enough.

I thought I could trust her to respect her promise and my privacy.


She told him.

The last person I wanted to know.

He told everyone.

I begged my other friends not to ask him who he likes.

“It will seem like I asked you to ask,” I said. “Please don’t.”

But they did anyway.

I never felt so betrayed.

By my best friends.

They didn’t ask him once.

They didn’t ask twice.

They didn’t ask three times.

They kept asking, and I kept telling them not to.

But they did anyway.

They did it behind my back, and got mad when someone told me they did.

“You knew it’d make her mad.” they said.

If they knew it would’ve made me mad then why did they do it?

They are just, so, so, sure he likes me back.

I don’t think he does.

He keeps denying it.

I finally expressed to them and asked them not to ask him.

“It makes me seem desperate.” I said.

“You’ll have to live with it, we can’t undo what we said.” they would say.

Until one day.

One of them asked,

And he said yes.

The very next day he denied it.

I will never understand why.

Either he lied about liking me back,

Or lied about not liking me.

I never thought it would come to this.

A few hours later my friend texted me,

“My sister found out who I liked and its so embarrassing.” she said.

I felt no sympathy for her.


Nothing at all.

I don’t need to feel sympathy for her.

She didn’t keep my secret.

Why should I feel bad for her,

When she has put me in the situation I’m in now?

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