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Drama Love

By @jarichard12

Drama Love | Chapter 9 A Kind Family

Why wouldn’t the author be Raina? That was the exact address of the house. Who else would want people to bring us to a random address for 100 million dollars? It’s gotta be Raina. “I…” I said, “I think it’s Raina.”

“Are you sure?” Ian asked, his eyes still on the paper, away from me. The weather was actually pretty nice out. At least better than last night. The birds were chirping their pretty little songs that they always seem to be chirping in the mornings. Thinking about it made my mind clear up, and away from this drama that was happening at the moment. 

“Yeah, I’m 100% sure,” I said, turning my attention back to Ian. “That’s Raina’s address. Why else would anyone want you and some random girl to come to another address that’s not theirs?”

“This is all your fault, Ella,” Amanda said in the backgro- und. 

“Don’t blame her,” Ian said. “She did nothing wrong.”

“What? She was the one to tell that stupid Raina the information to look you up.”

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