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Drama Love

By @jarichard12

Drama Love | Chapter 5 What’s going on Everywhere Else

In 2008, Angela and Jake, the parents of Ella and Amanda, had two twin girls. On the exact day that they were born, July 3rd, 2008, they were kidnapped by guess who? Raina. When they were all four, Raina asked Angela to be her friend, but Angela didn’t like black people back then. And Raina’s been holding that against Angela for years and never let go of it.

When they were 14, in 1996, Angela met Jake, and Raina liked him along with her. Raina holds that against her, too. For beating her in that year-long fight over the cutest boy in school.

Why did Raina kidnap Ella and Amanda? Angela blames it all on her. She regretted what she did when she and Raina were in preschool. That was so mean of her, but also, she didn’t know any better. Now she does, and she wished that she’d acted differently. She never meant to hurt her feelings. She was only a child back then. 

“Angela, I keep telling you it’s not your fault,” Jake was trying to calm his wife down. He always seemed to have to do that.

“If I hadn’t told her that, none of this would ever have happened,” Angela said.

They were sitting on the couch in their living room. The place they always seemed to be. It was Angela’s self-fight place. She always has blamed herself for everything and regrets everything that she did to Raina in the past. Sometimes she even regrets being born. The thing that she wished the most that would’ve happened in the past was to never meet Raina. That way, none of this would have ever happened.


“Where is Ella?” Ian asked himself when he noticed that Ella was nowhere to be seen.

“Why do you care?” Amanda said. “Do you like her or something?”

Ian stopped, blushing. He <em style=

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