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Drama Love

By @jarichard12

Drama Love | Chapter 1 Birthday

“Ella, I know we’ve only really known each other for a couple weeks,” he said. It was a beautiful morning. We were sitting under the prettiest cherry blossom tree, watching the sunrise. The air was somewhat damp, but it smelled like flowers. My favorite flowers to be exact; Japanese cherry blossoms. He was an Asian type of guy, which were the type of guys I liked. But I felt like I’ve never met him before. “But I’ve liked you for the longest time. Ella, will you be my girlfriend?”

I woke up. I couldn’t help but wonder who that guy was in my dream. He looked Asian. Like a lot of the guys in K-dramas that I’ve watched. But he looked different than them. Where had he come from? I couldn’t see him enough to tell. The night before, I was only thinking about my birthday because today was my 13th birthday. 

I didn’t want to get up. I wanted to see who that boy was. I was curious. Like I am with everything. I always want to know more. Amanda has an easier time waking up than I do. Especially on our birthday. Our birthday is July third. Raina never takes us anywhere for our birthday. She just buys gifts for us, and nothing else. I feel like she should at least take us somewhere for our 13th birthday. Even the park would be an exception. 

Since I wasn’t getting up, Amanda–my twin sister–came over to my bed and tickled me. “Stop it,” I said, laughing. Amanda’s tickles are really ticklish. I can’t help but laugh.

“Then get up,” Amanda said.

I sat up on my bed covered with blankets, a soft shade of pink. Amanda and I slept in the same room. I sleep on the right side, and Amanda sleeps on the left. The room was a little small, but we had room for both of our beds, desks, and dressers. We basically have our own side of the room. You could even see that we had separate sides. My side was pink with a hint of white. While Amanda’s side was purple with some pink and blue. She likes mixed colors.

“I <em style=

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