Drake's notebook

By @Measuredmarlin5
Drake's notebook

Drake's the king of the vampires, he hates humans and vampires but as much as he tries to avoid trouble it always finds its way to him.Lynda's a brave,stubborn and beautiful gypsy girl who doesn't know that she's the lost heiress to one of the most powerful families in the world. Then there's Vlad, Drake's former friend and comrade turned enemy who leads The Mantle a mysterious and religious cabal against Drake. who's goal is to create a new world in their own image.

Chapter 1


Hi everyone, I’m stoked to be here. I’ve been writing for a few years now and finally mustered up enough courage to write on here now. So take heed this is my first story so don’t beat me up too bad. That being said please feel free to give me some feedback/criticism (please be professional about it we’re all adults here) that can make the stories and/or myself a better. While I realize that there are many vampire and lycan stories out there I made an extra effort to make this one as unique as possible. I’m also a major history geek so there may be several different time settings in the story. But overall, I’m very passionate about what I write or anything I pursue and what I care for the most is to provide genuine entertainment and enjoyment for my audience.

Take note that Drake,Deimos,Dante is the same character throughout the story. Lyn and Lynda is also the same character.

Drake’s Notebook is set in its own separate universe.

I’would also like to write a spin-off in the future.  


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