Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

By @Chesster
Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

Get ready! For not one. Not two. But three Doctors. Something is very wrong with time and Dalek Cin is behind it. Soon the 12th Doctor, 13th Doctor, and the 14th Doctor find out Dalek Cin's plan but the Doctors must first defeat themselves.

Inspired by: Doctor Who

Chapter 9

Chapter 8: 1943

Many years ago:

“There have been many attempts to conquer the earth I’ve lost count. They all lost, burned. And ran.”-The Twelfth Doctor

Current time:

“The earth will scream in flames! Prepare to drop all of our continuity bombs on major population centers, and all capitals.” Dalek Cin commanded into the Dalek communication channel.

“We obey,” a Dalek Supreme answered for the rest of the fleet. Vworp, vworp, vworp. Materalzing onto Dalek Cin’s command ship was none other than the Doctor’s TARDIS. The other Daleks on the bridge made a circle around the TARDIS, the Red Paradigm Drones in the front because they were the soldiers after all, while, three blue Strategist Daleks sat in the back with Dalek Cin who was a Supreme Dalek. The door to the bridge opened and the Cult of Six entered to guard Cin.

“I knew you would come here Doctor, I knew you-” Dalek Cin was interrupted.

“Did ya now, Supreme?” The doors were pulled open all the way.

“You are not the 15th Doctor!” Dalek Cin shouted with outrage. The handsome young man nodded. He wore a blue suit with red pinstripes.

“Correct!” He walked forward as he did the Daleks moved out of his way he now stood directly in front of Dalek Cin looking into the Dalek Cin’s eye. “I thought you’d be taller.”

Dalek Cin, who was now thinking, about what could’ve happened didn’t reply right away. “Clever.” He said and the Tenth Doctor smiled. “But foolish, activating the Time Protocol?” The Doctor’s smile dropped. “I don’t believe you are here alone, more of you are here, yes it makes sense now. You come here to distract me, from what is about to take place.” The Tenth Doctor said nothing, Dalek Cin aimed his gunstick at the 10th Doctor. “What is your plan?” One of the Dalek Strategists turned to face a monitor.

“Dalek Cin, we are above Berlin.” The Strategist reported. The Doctor was the next one to speak, walking over to one of the monitors the Daleks backed away again.

“What year is this? He took out his sonic, pointing it at the Dalek screen, next instant a holographic screen came up with information on the date and time. “Ah, so during World War II.”

“Enough! I am in control! What is your plan?!” Dalek Cin shouted. The Doctor had a pained expression on his face, looking up at the ceiling, then pacing around the room back toward his TARDIS. “Plan? I have no plan. I just have this sonic, and I’ll tell you it is very good at repairing and breaking stuff.” He suddenly pointed it at the main controls, activating it.

“Alert! Our continuity bombs have been released!” Dalek Rook exclaimed. Dalek Cin then spoke.

“Exterminate him!” PSSTO! PSSTO! Dalek gunsticks went off but all of their bolts hit the TARDIS’s force field. The Doctor smiled once more before dashing inside his TARDIS, Dalek Knight drove up to Cin. “Three more TARDISes have appeared out of cloaking.”

A Strategist Dalek spoke next. “One of the TARDISes are contacting us!”

“Lower communication barrier!” Cin ordered a screen turned on and all the Daleks in the bridge turned to look at it, a young woman’s face appeared.

“Dalek Cin, this is the Doctor surrender now or be destroyed.” The 15th Doctor said. Dalek Cin was dumbfounded, the Doctor made them drop their bombs, and now said she could destroy him? “Doctor, the bombs have been dropped, Dalek Slaves will conquer the already fragile earth, humanity is destiny is to be slaves, so I will make them slaves, and the New Dalek Paradigm will be the most powerful force in the universe!” The Doctor shook her head sighing, making Cin confused.

“I guess you want to be destroyed.”

“Raise communication barrier!” Dalek Cin commanded, the screen disappeared, and now Cin commanded the fleet. “I want every saucer, Dalek, and ship to destroy those TARDISes!” The TARDISes zoomed forward dodging and every single shot from the Dalek Saucers fired at them. Dalek Rook drove up to Dalek Cin.

“Sir, they seem to be doing something!” Two of the TARDISes zoomed around the fleet, while the other two circled around the falling bombs and the other ships. Dalek Rook drove over to one of the monitors, reading it then said. “Sir, they are encasing us in a-“

Dalek Knight spoke next. “Huge round object emerging from hyperspace.” A huge metal planet appeared right next to earth. They had changed it to what they needed it to be, Dalek Cin stared out the window, and so did the other Daleks. Dalek Cin spoke, “The Mondasian Cybermen, have come.”

“Alert! The Doctors have trapped us in a twenty-four-hour time bubble, our bombs our frozen until the bubble ends.” A Strategist reported.

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