Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

By @Chesster
Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

Get ready! For not one. Not two. But three Doctors. Something is very wrong with time and Dalek Cin is behind it. Soon the 12th Doctor, 13th Doctor, and the 14th Doctor find out Dalek Cin's plan but the Doctors must first defeat themselves.

Inspired by: Doctor Who

Chapter 8

Chapter 7: The Gathering

2 years ago:

“Long ago, in the early days of the Time Lords, a rule was made. That if something were to happen with time, something very drastic the Time Protocol would be initiated. This protocol would call upon all Time Lords and Time Ladies from all times and all universes to stop whoever the main threat is that was messing with time. This protocol only has been used twice.”-The 14th Doctor reading to herself, from the book, Time Regulations

Current time:

The Doctor’s face began to change. Her, hair changed from black to brown, instead of being smooth, it became wavy, also, her eyes changed to a dark green, her skin became fairer, and her nose seemed to grow a bit, she was now a 22-year-old Japanese girl. She brought her hands up to her face examining them, then she looked down at her clothes, this hanbok made her itch. “I need something more to my liking.” She said to herself. She hadn’t forgotten about stopping Dalek Cin, but she first needed to figure out a few thing with this new body, this new regeneration. She just needed a few minutes to sort things out.

Back, in her TARDIS, she had quickly changed out of the hanbok, into a black long-sleeve shirt, a watch, with a black background, white numbers, with golden hands, the strap being brown, a pair of black dress pants, and a pair of black shoes. She was now ready. She went over to the controls. Due to the craziness that has happened with time she needed to activated the Time Protocol, this was built into all TARDISes. She punched a few buttons and pulled a lever. Activating the TIME PROTOCOL.

The 15th Doctor’s TARDIS started to make a humming sound, she then heard a familiar sound coming from outside. Vworp, vworp, vworp. TARDISes where materializing. “I guess I better say hello.” She made her way towards the door, stepping outside, three TARDISes had come.

Coming out of one of the three other TARDISes was, the Eighth Doctor, “Oh, hello, I am the Doctor, you seemed to have activated the protocol, so I came at once.” The 15th Doctor was speechless, the TARDIS on the left opened, and the Ninth Doctor stepped out.

“Fantastic, nice too meet you, Doctor, I am the Doctor also.” Now both Eighth and Fifteenth were speechless. The TARDIS on the right opened, and stepping out was the Tenth Doctor.

“Well, hello, Time Lords, and Time Lady. I am the Doctor too.” The Tenth turned to the Fifteenth, “Who might you be.”

She replied, “Also the Doctor.”

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