Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

By @Chesster
Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

Get ready! For not one. Not two. But three Doctors. Something is very wrong with time and Dalek Cin is behind it. Soon the 12th Doctor, 13th Doctor, and the 14th Doctor find out Dalek Cin's plan but the Doctors must first defeat themselves.

Inspired by: Doctor Who

Chapter 4

Chapter 3: The Trench

4 years ago:

Two soldiers ran into the trench, veering off to the right, visibility was zero for the Time Lords. Both soldiers entered a bunker, going down to one knee with there head facing the ground the bowed before, a woman of fair skin, short black hair only reaching down to her shoulders, red eyes this was none other than, the Red. Red or the Red turned from the holo table which displayed the battlefield. “Report.”

One of the soldiers looked up, “Ma’am Dalek Cin’s troops are breaking our north defenses.” The other soldier opened his mouth to speak but he was drowned out by the noise of an explosion which shook the bunker. Soon there was silence.

“Ma’am our troops that were moving east encountered a large force of Daleks and Dalek Slaves. Dalek Cin is using his weapon and increasing the numbers of his army every time we try to engage.” Another explosion sounded much closer making dust and dirt come down from the ceiling. 

“Leave at once with orders for the Commander to hold the north at best he can and send word to the remaining officers to continue to try to push the eastern flank we must break the Dalek lines.” They bowed once more getting up running out of the bunker. Red, sighed she didn’t know how long they can do this Dalek Cin’s continuity bombs were just too powerful. She then heard it a woman’s voice, “Daleks!” Shooting began, Red picked up her rifle from near the table, readying it walking outside in the trench. Time Lord soldiers shot off their weapons at approaching Red Dalek Drones, the most basic Dalek, but the thing is these were pure Daleks, more powerful and more durable than the old bronze ones the red ones had replaced them and for good reason, they were better.

Two Daleks out of the hordes of Daleks blew up in flames, Red stepped up on a box aiming through the sight of her rifle and pulling the trigger letting laser bolts fly out toward the enemy. The Daleks were getting closer, “Exterminate!” Several of the Daleks shouted. Laser and energy bolts flew across the battlefield a few bolts almost hit Red. A Time Lady to the left of Red got hit in the neck, two more Time Lords to the right of Red where shot in the head.

Red continued to fire her rifle off, the Time Lords who had been shot started to regenerate on the ground. The Daleks were now a few yards away, Red, backed up firing her rifle off, another Dalek blew up engulfed by flames. She jumped down from the box helping a soldier to his feet. “Retreat she yelled!” But it was far too late, a Red Dalek Drone came over looking into the trench below it. Red looked up at it. This Dalek had a grenade arm instead of the common gunstick. It fired a continuity bomb into the trench right next too Red. The bomb went off.

Current time:

The two ladies were arguing against each other trying to determine what the best course of action was. “Well, I think we should go back to one of our TARDISes and try to run a few more scans,” the Thirteenth Doctor was saying. The Fourteenth Doctor shook her head no, and even waved her hand in a motion as if dismissing the Thirteenth’s suggestion.

The Fourteenth Doctor had a mocking tone in her voice. “Always playing it safe, trying to run through every scenario in your head, not going out and having fun, not having an adventure! I think we should-” The Thirteenth Doctor raised up her hand slightly making the 14th Doctor stop talking.

“Even though you are a future regeneration of me, I think that your plan of going about without a plan is reckless, the way you act future self, you remind me of the Eleventh and also the Tenth Doctors.” The 40-year-old Doctor glared at the 19-year-old Doctor.

The 14th Doctor raised up both of her hands, “okay point taken.” They both turned to face the Twelfth Doctor who had been listening to their conversation. “Any suggestions from you Gramps?” The 14th asked.

The Twelfth Doctor raised his eyebrows at hearing the name Gramps. “Do you know how awkward that sounds? I mean it is a good cover, but really Gramps?”

The 14th Doctor replied. “I know, I guess you are right it is awkward because technically I am older. What else am I going to call you Mr. Whitehair, Twelve, oh how about-”

“I have a suggestion,” the Twelfth Doctor interrupted her. Both, Time Ladies we’re now listening. “We have no idea where we are or what pulled our TARDISes to this location, we need to stick together, and make sure there is nothing unfriendly on this world, that wants to-“

The 13th Doctor cut in finishing his sentence for him. “Kill us.”

“Finally!” The 14th Doctor exploded with joy. “Something I can agree to, exploring! Like how about that trench over there!” The 14th Doctor was pointing at a trench, several yards away. The two other Doctors exchanged glances of confusion. Things are about to get interesting. The Twelfth Doctor thought.

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