Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

By @Chesster
Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

Get ready! For not one. Not two. But three Doctors. Something is very wrong with time and Dalek Cin is behind it. Soon the 12th Doctor, 13th Doctor, and the 14th Doctor find out Dalek Cin's plan but the Doctors must first defeat themselves.

Inspired by: Doctor Who

Chapter 3

Chapter 2: Three Doctors

4 years ago:

“Excellent Dalek Cin. You are correct,” Davros said. He then raised his metal wrist and pressed a switch on his chair. Electricity sparked to life from the walls, zapping, Dalek Cin who then started to scream in pain. “What will happen to the Doctor?!”

“He will suffer Creator!”

“Who will make him suffer?!”

“I will!”


“I will make him suffer the way I have!” Dalek Cin shouted. Davros pressed the switch again turning off the electricity. Davros smiled, “Yes, you will.” Davros turned his chair around facing the door. “Dalek Time Controller, enter.” The door parted with a hiss. A Dalek with purple casing and golden rings entered the room.

“You summoned me?”

Davros smiled. “Stated by the Eighth Doctor you are the deadliest Dalek of all. Living up to that name by him and your own title as Time Controller do you agree with Dalek Cin’s answer concerning the Doctor’s weakness being himself?”

The Time Controller answered without hesitation. “Yes, I agree.”

Davros turned to look at Dalek Cin. “Dalek Cin, the Doctor is like fire,” he then pressed the switch electrocuting Dalek Cin again. Dalek Cin screamed but didn’t shoot his gunstick off at Davros, the Creator of the Daleks. “Like all fires, the Doctor’s fire crackles with life and energy, burning, enveloping nearly everything near it, on fire. In a sense the Doctor infects others saying emotion is right.”

Dalek Cin continued to scream in pain. “But like all fires, the Doctor’s fire can be doused.” Davros pressed the switch again, stopping the torture.

Current time:

The Thirteenth Doctor wore her black Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2015 dress like always. It went well with her dark auburn hair. She stood at her TARDIS controls, pulling a lever she planned to go and visit the year 1999 but to here surprise the TARDIS took a different course.

The TARDIS shook then an explosion of some of the controls making the Doctor step back from them. With a loud thud, the TARDIS came to a stop. The Doctor went back up to the remaining functional controls. “Air? Good. Temperature? Earth’s temperature? Weird.” She then made her way toward the door.

The ground outside wasn’t dirt but ash mixed with some other material. The Thirteenth Doctor knelt down grabbing a hand full rubbing it and letting it fall. “Interesting, ash, and-“

“It is you!” An excited voice exclaimed in front of the Doctor who was focused at the time on the strange ground. The 13th Doctor looked up startled to see a Korean girl about nineteen years old in a hanbok! Smiling, as if this was normal! They were on a planet that had no life, the nearby plants and even the trees were wilted. The Thirteenth didn’t know what to say so she said the only thing that made sense. “Hello, I’m the Doctor, what are you doing here?’

The girl smiled not saying a word as she walked around the Doctor, coming to a stop now a few feet away from the Doctor. “Wearing, that same old dress.” The girl then added, “I liked that dress.”

“I beg your pardon?” The Thirteenth Doctor asked not sure if she heard this mysterious girl right.

“Oh, come on Doctor you know me, right?” The girl asked.

“I don’t know who you are we’ve just met,” she replied. The girl took the last few steps standing closer now, she brought up her hand, next instant yellow regeneration energy appeared for less than a millisecond but it was enough for the 13th Doctor to know who the girl was.

“You are me?” The Thirteenth asked not believing it.

“Was you to be correct,” the Fourteenth said smiling.

Another voice surprised the others, “I’m the Doctor also.” Both ladies turned seeing a 59-year-old man with sloppy grey hair, attack eyebrows, wearing a black coat and pants. The 14th Doctor managed to regain her composer first. “Well, this complicates things,” looking to the 13th Doctor then to the 12th Doctor.

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