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By @BelleCreativeMind


It was the moment of truths. Chaos conquered the United States. High rate by 99% suicide, drugs, gangs, and crime. The Creature has corrupted man kind. The Beast that no one was able to find, only woken by the full moon every so often, but this time it never left. The black crows covering the heavens flying 24/7 and no light shine through. No hope seems to be grasped but the danger of every soul that walked through the streets. Yes, it was a nightmare. A dream that one would have paid millions to escape, but no soul was left behind. No soul was ignored.The Creature wanted for everyone to see that He rings these lands.

And so was this tale told for 15 years, and no one has figured out how to escape it. Every child born was hidden to an underground LALA Land. Where children are told not to leave unless code GREEN was yelled. There I was hidden in LALA Land curious to see with my own eyes what the lands above seems. But I must say, I sensed a heaviness in my soul every time I heard the loud howling sound above us. As I lay on my bed, made of grass I focused on the impossible. Thoughts sneaked into my head with voices saying my name, Ruru, and directions on how to get above grounds. But it was the Creature that was baiting me, trying to get me to go outside and do what? Curiosity set in my mind, wanting to know, and yet knowing that it may just be the worst decision to make.

I couldn’t understand the feeling I had. Lost, Alone, Afraid, Weak, and the lists goes on and on. I’ve been down here for 15 years and the only thing I remember when I was above grounds was a black shadow. A Shadow that had feelings, feelings of fear, lost, and loneliness. Shadow was cold as it reached out for me, but somehow this Shadow couldn’t touch me. Instead it circled around me repeating a word. “Never.” By the time I turned to hear a soft hissing sound, someone grabbed my shoulder and said, “Child, where is your mom and pa? Never mind let’s get you to a safe place… Get away you filthy slaves you are not touching this Child.” The man said as he pulled me up to his shoulder and carried me away. And the last words I yet heard once more. “Never.”

Never would I be touched? Never would I conquer the Creatures? Never what? Questions is all this time I and everyone has been living everyday. It’s our daily bread, our life, our choice. I couldn’t bare another moment just laying on this bed made of grass. Grass that was heavenly, and yet so soft. That’s the moment I have realized that there was something wrong where I was at. How did all of these weird grass stayed alive? How did we always have food and yet no light to grow. In that moment I got up and let my legs cross, as I pull my long hair into a pony tail using my only memory of my mom. Remembering how she comb my hair and said, “Always remember there is a route to learn.” That is just what I did. I got up and left my bed tip toeing around trying not to wake any gals up. Headed straight to Miss Gloria whom may be able to help me ease my thoughts.

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