Disney Ever After: Elsa's Love Story

By @TheSilverFoxes
Disney Ever After: Elsa's Love Story

Have you wondered what happened after all of the Disney Movies? Well, we are here to write down our fanmade stories starting with Frozen. After Elsa decides to stay into the lands, (from Frozen 2) she starts to feel like there's an adventure calling her. So she wanders around just to be lost. While walking around in the forest, she meets a boy named Jack Frost and finds out that he has "Ice Powers" like her. Together with Olaf, Bruni, Jack Frost, And Tooth, she will have a wonderful Adventure!

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Chapter 1


“Come On Bruno.” A Voice Says. 

Whose Voice Is That? 

Maybe It’s A Person You Know? Like Elsa Last Name Unkown?

Yes, Yes It Is, Now Let’s Continue        

“How Long Will It Take Just To Go Somewhere, Elsa?” Olaf Asks. 

“I don’t know, but what I do know is that there are other places that need to be explored,” Elsa replies. “We told everyone that we will be back in 8 months and they approved so don’t be sad and remember Anna knows about so she’ll be asking about our adventures and if we’re safe. Anyway, Thank you Olaf for coming with me.” 

“It’s Fine. I wanted to Spend Some Time With Yo… Elsa, Did You Hear That?” Olaf Says Being Interrupted By A Sound. 

“Yes, I Did. Whoever You Are, Come Out.” Elsa Says

She Got Frostballs About To Come Out From Her Hands.

Before She Could Do Anything, She Fainted. The Last Thing She Saw Was A Man With White Hair Wearing A Blue Sweater With A Stick In His Hand looking at her. He Was Saying Something She Couldn’t Make Out. But The Last Thing She Heard Was Girl.

She Couldn’t Move At All, Her Body Hurt. Pretty Soon She Gave Up.                                                                 

“Is she still alive?” A Female Voice Said.

“How Am I Supposed To Know, Tooth?” A Male Voice Said This Time

“If She Is Dead, Then We Need To Give Her A Proper Funeral, With Flowers, And Songs, And I Don’t Know What They Have At Funerals, Do You Jack?” The Female Voice Said Again

“Who’s That?” She Thinks.

“I’m Gonna Poke Her And See If She’s Still Alive.” The Male Voice Said Again.

“Don’t You Dare,” Elsa Said Jumping Up From The Bed She Was Layed On.

“Who Are You?” Jack Said.

“My Name Is Elsa. I Am The Past Queen Of Arendale. Who Are You?” Elsa Said With Ice Coming Out Of Her Hands.

“MOVE!” Jack Screamed While Reaching Out For Elsa And Carrying Her On His Back.

“Put Me Down This Instant.” Elsa Demanded.

“No Can Do Princess,” Jack Said With Panick And A Grin On His Face.

“I’m Not A Princess,” Elsa Said Sternly

“Well You’re Not A Queen Anymore, So You’re A Princess. Do You Get It?” Jack Explained

“I Get It, But Can You Please Let Me Down Or At Least Let Me Know Where We’re Going?” Elsa Asked With A Hint Of Annoyance In Her Voice

“We’re Trying To Escape.” Jack Replied

“Escape, From What?” Elsa Asked

“Escape From That.” Jack Said

He Stopped For A Minute, Turned Around, Pointed At A Huge Rock Monster And Started Running Again. 

“That’s Bad Trouble.” Jack Said

To Be Continued…

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