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DISCUSSION: What are your first impressions of Underlined?

By @cemo

Since there are no forums I guess this is going to be how it works

So as the title suggests (and since there are no forums), what are your first impressions of the website? Personally I think it is a good start. It’s a lot like Figment, just with a different design. I feel like I lot of people were angry about it being so late but I don’t know, I wasn’t too mad about it. These things take time. The only thing I’m really unsure about is that they censor curse words in your writing. I’m not going to throw a hissy fit over it but at the same time I feel like it limits artistic expression. Hopefully they change that in the future.

What do you think?

UPDATE (21/02/18):

Underlined now has discussion topics in the CREATE section where you can ask around for swaps, introduce yourself, suggest new discussion topics, and give suggestions/ask questions. The latter is located here: https://www.getunderlined.com/create/questions-for-team-u/. Please direct bugs, suggestions, and questions there.

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  1. c


    Jul 7, 2021

    Hi. I noticed recently that changes were to the website. I was subscribed to figment before I became a member of this website. When the site was figment, I used to get more interaction. I hate to burst your bubble, but the new website is nothing like figment. Over there we used to be able to arrange swap for swap. Now, I have 11 stories posted online and not a single one has received critique. I can’t see any of the comments in this thread and the changes made to this site are making things more confusing. There’s no access to ‘new’ content only ‘most popular’ content. Nobody can really see the new things that are being posted. Did I mention I can’t see any of the comments being posted here? You need to fix that. In fact, you need to fix a lot.

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