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Discovering Me (Book 1 of Discovering Me Series)

By @ess1223

Gimme Sympathy - Metric


“Princey, you need to leave. Elle’s going to pop in here any second.” Iz snuggled further into my chest.

“I do not think you want me to.” My fingers walked the plane of her spine.

“You’re right; I don’t.”

“We should lock both of your doors and stay in here forever.”

“What would we do?” She perched herself up on her elbow.

“We would figure something out.” I shifted her onto her back. 

“We’re both mad at you, remember?” Her head fell onto her pillow.

“We’re mad at you too. You weren’t empty handed.”

“But I like blaming you for things.”

I breathed a laugh and leaned down to kiss her. “Ry threw one at me on the way out the door. The others were in my wallet. I didn’t remember until I was in the bathroom.”

She pulled me close to her. The rest happened in a surreal combination of hyper-speed and slow motion. The build up was practically instant, but our time conjoined was blissfully infinite.

“Now you really have to leave. I know she heard us.” 

“You.” Seated beside her, I cupped her face in my hand and kissed her slowly.

“For that comment, I’m not going to prescreen the bathroom. Good luck.” She brought her knees to her chest, pinching her bed linens beneath her arms.

“I am not scared.” I pulled up my briefs.

I was relieved to find their bathroom unoccupied. I was sure to lock both doors as I freshened up.

She was wearing the clothes she slept in. The messy bun on top of her head confined her unruly curls and allowed me to see her beautiful face. She was stripping off her sheets.

I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind and kissed her cheek.

“You’re more touchy-feely.”

“You are addictive.”

She turned her head and kissed my lips.

“Get dressed. Elle would love to get a sneak peek to aid our discussion.”

“She is a bit invasive.”

“We prefer the term ‘thorough’. The distinction comes from her purpose.”

“She did not seem to care when Anna and I dated.” I fastened my pants.

“Would you like to rephrase that?” She smoothed a fresh set of linens on her bed.

“Let’s just forget I said anything.”

“Even better. What did she say to you the other day? She flashed me major ***** face for the rest of the period.”

“I am fairly certain that is her default.” I pulled my shirt over my head.

“That’s not how she was looking at you.” She sat down on her duvet.

“I didn’t notice to be honest.”

“Oblivious to all girls who aren’t me?”

“Precisely.” I sat down beside her to put on my shoes and socks.

“You’re so full of it.” She grinned.

“A little, but that has nothing to do the matter.” I stole a quick kiss.

I gathered the items I brought on our date.

“Text me if you forget something. I’ll bring it by later.”

“Do we have plans?”

“Not definitive ones, but I might show up unannounced after dinner if I have nothing better to do.”

“I feel so loved.”

“Still using you for your body.” 

I smiled and shook my head at her. “I will see you later, maybe, bye.” I pecked her forehead.

Elle’s door was open when I walked by.

“Regret listening to me?” She inquired, glancing from her laptop.

“No, you were right. She loved it.”

“Do you mind relaying your testimonial to Sami? She won’t let me cut her hair.”

“Helping me plan a date and styling her hair are two utterly different things. One requires a license.”

“Buzzkill.” She glided from her desk to the door, bypassing me to get to Izzie’s room.

I skated back to my suite. The place was vacant when I arrived. I appreciated the solitude. I was able to regroup without pressure to socialize. After showering and eating, I worked on the stack of homework I had piling up. I was well into an assignment when my phone began to ring.

“Buon pomeriggio, Prince Milo. How are you?” Gisele, one of the palace advisors, greeted.

“Well, thank you. May I ask why you are calling?” I placed my phone on speaker to resume working.

“I have been asked to consult with you regarding your excursion to New York.”

“It is a school sponsored event. We will be attending symphony, ballet, and theatrical performances. Several museums are on the itinerary as well. My permission slip was signed. I thought it was clear that I would not be gallivanting around the city without supervision. Chaperones will be present.”

“We know, but upon second consideration, we are uncomfortable with relying on civilians to keep you safe.”

“May guards watch from afar? I do not want to become a spectacle by traveling with armed guards. I am an anonymous teenager here in America.”

“The city is far more chaotic than the Sella Moora campus, more than Listonenia, even. We fear you will be overwhelmed. And with whom you are traveling with, the risk of straying from your structured path is too great.”

“Whom are you referring to?”

“You are aware of how we feel about your girlfriend.”

I ground my teeth and looked up at the ceiling. “I love her. None of you have even spoken word to her. You have no right to judge her life.”

“Her life is screened weekly in the form of her family’s reality show. We cannot regulate their actions. We do not want it to be a reflection of the royal family if you are filmed or photographed together.”

“She is not a part of their show anymore. She lives with her sister.”

“I have personally been responsible for screening each episode of their show. She has been a major topic of discussion during the current season. Her eating disorder makes us question her stability. You do not need excessive stress. You have always responded poorly to it. Surely she creates it for you.”

“You’re wrong.”

“Regardless, we are not going to take such a risk on an infamous wild card.”

“Aside from your disapproval, what are you expressing to me?” I disregarded her to keep from getting too upset.

“Verna, Gaston, and Hardwick will be accompanying you to New York. You shall travel on our plane and we will upgrade your hotel accommodations to better meet your needs and those of your staff.”

“Or what?”

“You will not be attending. The king’s orders.”

“Then I have no choice.”

“Thank you for being so reasonable.”

“Know that you can tell me what to wear and where to go, but you cannot tell me whom to care about.” I stated as firmly as possible.

“I am only doing my job.”

“It’s still my life.”

I finally voiced what I had always thought, but never been able to articulate effectively. I didn’t argue, scream, or throw a tantrum of any sort. I simply spoke the truth – my truth, the opinion that truly dictated my actions.

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