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Disabled Man And A Soldier

By @drea

A disabled man and a soldier

The crippled man was sitting on the stairs in front of his run-down home, resting his 

crutch against the door frame with one intact arm in his undershirt scratching. His 

lifeless eyes remained locked on the neighbor’s opening door as he stood under the 

awning’s cover. The young soldier left with a sense of assurance while wearing his 

camouflage suit. He turned and gave his mother a good-bye embrace after once more 

tugging at his suitcase as he carried it over his shoulder. 

The lady was in tears. “My beloved son, you must return home without incident.” 

“Mom, I’m not certain. A brave warrior’s injuries are big victories. I ought to have brought 

one or two when I came back.

Nonsense! Why aren’t you thinking of your poor mother? 

Without turning around, the young man walked away while laughing loudly. While 

running into the home, the mother caught a glimpse of the elderly man and just 

managed to keep her emotions contained by covering her mouth. 

The man appeared to be about to fall asleep as he slowly blinked his eyes. His chest 

swelled and contracted as the humid air entered and exited his nostrils. He was worn 

out. He had the impression that he had expended all of his strength and was looking 

forward to a lengthy, everlasting nap. He was helpless, like a stone that needed to be 

moved by an outside force in order to change its course.

Wars were terrible, yet their glorious side aroused men’s curiosity. They stand for 

manliness. Those were significant trials and testing. Only those who were talented, 

competent, brave, and fortunate enough could emerge from the battlefields while 

walking over innumerable unidentified remains. Young men who were naive and 

arrogant advanced wave after wave because they found those who survived and 

returned with glory to be so fascinating. The elderly guy watched the young soldier’s 

receding form as memories flooded his head. He paused for a brief moment before 

remaining silent. Nothing would be convincing before one had experienced it all for 

oneself. Let the young man have what he was anticipating. May God be with him.

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