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Abbee Jones is your average teenager. She lives with her mom and sister. Her Dad and Mom separated. Her Dad is gay and has a fiance. She also has her group of friends. Like I said Abbee Jones is your average teenager. That was until she found a door leading to a different dimension. Everybody was different in the new world. Everybody showed their true colors. Abbee visited that world and met Nathan. Now they will have to stop an evil from destroying this world and deal with betrayal.

Chapter 4


I jumped a little, startled by the voice behind me. I turned around to see the guy from before. Why was he here? How did he know where I live? How did he get in? “What are you doing here?” I asked. He ignored my question. “I can’t believe that there’s another one.” “Another one of what?” “A Dimensioner.” A what? “I knew something was up when you didn’t remember me giving you those laced opioids. I just thought that whatever they laced them with was strong. But when you wouldn’t let me drive you home, that’s when I realized that there’s a possibility you were one. And I was right.” All of this was swirling through my mind. But for some reason I was mad. The only thing I could focus on was that he was Nathan and he was the one giving me drugs. Yea, I remember Racheal telling me Nathan got me on drugs. How could he continue giving me drugs after I got out of rehab. I was starting to get fed up with him just thinking about it. “You’re the one that’s been giving me drugs,” I say angrily. “I’m telling you that you can enter a different dimension and you’re worrying about drugs? Maybe the real version of you does them.” “First off, I don’t do drugs. Secondly, I could really care less about what I am at the moment. You gave me drugs. Even after I went to rehab.” “You asked for them.” “So? I just got out of rehab. I had to have been in bad shape to go in the first place. Then you go ahead and give them to me anyway?!” “You really are a buzzkill.” “Being mad at you for giving me drugs after I got out of rehab isn’t being a buzzkill. It’s being reasonable.” “Yea sure.” “You’re unbelievable. You know what, I got to go back.” “So you don’t want to find out how you got here.” “Not from you.” I turned around and opened the door. Just as I was about to step through, he said something interesting. “So I guess you don’t want to know what happened between us.” I turned around. “What are you talking about?” “Now I got your attention.” I rolled my eyes. “What are you talking about? What happened between us?” “I’m not going to tell you anymore.” I growled. “Oooo. Someone’s angry.” I breathed. “You know what. I don’t want to know.” “You sure,” he said, trying to edge me to say yes. But I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction. “Yes I’m sure. Now I’m leaving. Peace.” I turned around and entered the door before he could say something else to make me stay longer.


I watched her go through the door. **** she’s something else. When she left, her body dropped. In about 5 minutes, she woke up, well the other version of her. “What happened?” she asked. “Nothing. You took the opioids and passed out. They were strong.” “Oh.” “Let me help you to your bed.” I picked her up and carried her to her room. I laid her down on her bed. I left out her window. I walked back to my house. It was about a 10 minute walk. I finally arrived. I walked inside my house. My dad is away on a business trip. He comes back tomorrow. That didn’t change in this world. I walked to my room. It was just me and my dad. My mom left, even in this world. My dad cheated on her with some woman. Again. In the real world he did the same thing. The only thing different about both of these lives is I’m not a jock. I’m finally who I want to be in this world. Minus selling all the drugs. Thinking about drugs, got me thinking about Abbee. I started thinking about what she said and how she reacted. She was right though. I shouldn’t have given her drugs after this version of her just got out of rehab. To be honest, this version of her was a mess before she went to rehab. Anyway, I changed into my pajama pants and got into bed. I’ll go back to the real world tomorrow after school. I should be back in time. I soon felt myself getting sleepier. I decided to let sleep takeover and closed my eyes.

I woke up ready for the day. I got dressed and showered. I wore the same thing that I wear everyday. A black t-shirt, black jeans, and a black hoodie. I went downstairs and left out. I always get to school early to sell. While I was walking, I was thinking about how Abbee’s family was going to be affected now that this version of Abbee is back. I’m pretty sure she was nice and did good things for her family. Now they’re gonna have their actual daughter back. As I walked to school, that’s all that consumed my mind. I arrived at school and went to my locker to get my product. I then went to the back of the school. I normally just have opioids and weed. I’ll have LSD once in a while, but I don’t really like selling it. I never sell hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. I was in the back of the school waiting. Our school is pretty strict, but they’re horrible with security. Our security guards are fat and lazy and there are only security cameras in the front of the school. I was waiting when my regulars came up. I continued selling. I’ll make at least a couple hundred by the end of the day. The bell rang signaling for us to go to class. I packed up my stuff and went inside to go to my next class. I had passed Abbee, Racheal, and Heather in the hallway. It seems like everything is back to normal for her. While we were walking, we made eye contact. She smirked at me. I knew that smirk all too well. I turned away from her and continued walking. I walked to class. I finally arrived. I walked in. I sat down and put my hood over my head. I put in my headphones and went to sleep. 

The rest of the day was uneventful as usual. Right now I’m at my locker putting my books and stuff away, when Abbee came up to me. She put on that same smirk. I noticed what she was wearing. It was a flowy, pink dress, with pink heels. “Hey Nate.” “Hey Bee.” “So do you have my stuff?” Everyday Abbee will come up and ask for drugs. Normally I would give them to her, but the real version of her just came into my mind. All I pictured was how mad she was that I gave her drugs and I realized that I shouldn’t be giving them to her anyway. “Uh. I’m not going to give it to you.” Her smirk turned into a frown. “Why not?” “I realized that I shouldn’t be helping your addiction even if I’m your drug dealer.” And maybe something more. She started to laugh. “That’s funny.” “How?” “How is the drug dealer telling his client not to do drugs?” “I care about you.” “You didn’t seem to care about me when you were giving me drugs after rehab.” “Well it’s wrong and I’m not giving you anymore.” She put that smirk back on. “Not even for a late night special,” she said seductively as she grabbed my jacket. She stood on her tippy toes and came close to my ear. “We can do it any way you want to,” she whispered in my ear. I want to give her those drugs so bad. She always had a way of getting under my skin. But I couldn’t let that happen. She needed to get clean and me doing this to her isn’t gonna help her. I pushed her away gently. “No.” She huffed and groaned. “Fine. I’ll just find someone else.” She then walked away. I knew she was lying. She didn’t know anybody else that had the stuff that she liked. I shook my head and closed my locker. I started to walk to the front of the school so I could get home. I left out and started my journey to my house. 15 minutes later I arrived. I got my key out and unlocked the door. I opened it and walked inside. I was walking to my room when I heard noises. The thing is it was coming from my room. I walked to my room. I opened the door and saw the most disgusting thing ever. My dad was having sex with his mistress in my bed. They didn’t even notice me. They were too involved with each other to even care. “DAD!” I yelled. That got his attention real quick. “Nathan, what are you doing here?” “I live here.” “I mean why are you back so early.” “Early? It’s 4:30.” My dad looked at my alarm clock. “Oh.” “Why are you having sex in my bed? And with this…homewrecker.” The woman looked offended. I don’t know why. All I did was state the truth. “Don’t talk about her like that,” my dad said. I was bewildered. Here he was ******* this girl in MY bed and has the audacity to tell me not to call her out. “You’re in my bed! In my room! I can say whatever I want about her! She’s not my mother! She’s just the ***** you cheated on her with!” My dad got up and put on his pants. He walked over to me. He looked infuriated. I didn’t care. He was not going to try and install fear in me. “What did you just say?” he said through gritted teeth. His nostrils were flaring and he was red in the face. He was daring me to say it again. He wanted me to back down. I wasn’t going to give him that satisfaction. We were only a few feet between each other. “I said, she’s not my mom. She’s only the ***** you cheated on her with,” I said while closing the little space we already had. I stared into his eyes. Out of nowhere, I felt a pain in my face and I was on the ground. He punched me. I touched my lip and felt blood. He stood over me. “I said don’t talk about her like that!” I stood up. I was ******. He was not going to treat me like I was trash. I pushed him hard into the wall. It knocked my glass case full of trophies from when I was younger down. It must’ve hurt him since he didn’t have on a shirt. He fell to the ground. I started to punch him. I couldn’t stop. I was ****** at him for what he did to my mom, to me. I finally stopped when I heard a crack. I got off of him and walked out. I grabbed my weed and went to Abbee’s. At this point, I didn’t care about the little voice in my head saying don’t do it. All I wanted to do was release my anger. I need to feel something. I made it to her house and climbed the tree to her room. I looked through the window and saw her doing her homework. She’s actually pretty smart for a drug addict. I knocked on her window. She saw me and came over. She opened it. “What do you want?” she asked. “A fun time.” She put that smirk right back on her face. “You got the weed?” “You still offering that special?” “Come on in.” She moved to the side. I climbed into her room. “You alone?” I asked. “Yea. My mom’s working a double and Layla’s with Eric.” “Cool.” I sat down on her bed. I pulled out the weed and she pulled out the paper. She started rolling blunts and we smoked them. We both had about 6 blunts and we were pretty much gone. “What happened to your face and knuckles?” she asked. “Got into a fight with my dad. How’s everything with your parents?” I ask her. “Good. They’re talking and having a working relationship. “And Alejandro?” “Don’t get me started on him. How about your parents? Did your mom come back?” “No. And today I caught him having sex with the girl in my bed.” “I’m sorry. I know how much it sucks.” I miss this Abbee. This Abbee is the Abbee this world doesn’t get to see. All of this made me think of the Abbee in my world. I started thinking about her silk, smooth, curly hair, how they’re tight, but loose. Her hazelnut colored eyes, that looked amazing with just the right lighting. Her full, luscious, lips that looked so juicy and plump. ****, I want to kiss those lips. Don’t get me started on her body. She didn’t have an hourglass figure, but it was amazing. I know I have that Abbee here, but it’s not just her body. It’s her mind as well. Her thoughts on everything. Wait, no thinking about her. I can’t like her. Right now, she hates me and I won’t get invested in her. I just can’t afford to do that. I’m not ready for any sort of relationship anyway. My life is too messed up. I focused my attention back to the Abbee in front of me. “Why don’t I take your mind off it,” she said as she climbed onto me and straddled me. I put my hands on her waist. “Please do.” She smashed her lips on mine and the fun began.

We were in her bed naked. She was laying on my chest asleep. I was wide awake. I was thinking about what just happened. I enjoyed it, but it felt like I needed more. It felt like I needed a connection. I needed to see the real Abbee. I needed to talk to her. I got out of her bed and put on my clothes. I put Abbee in some pajamas so her mom wouldn’t get suspicious. I then grabbed the weed and hid her paper. I left out of her window and walked back to my house. I got there. I walked in, to find my dad on the couch looking bruised and his ‘girlfriend’ holding an icepack on his face. She saw me and got angry. I guess my dad was asleep or something. She got up and walked over to me. What did she want? “You have some nerve showing up here.” “I live here. You don’t. Don’t tell me what I should have the nerve to do.” She looked appalled. I walked away and went downstairs. That’s where my door is. I hid a mini fridge in front of it. I moved it out of the way. I opened the door and went through. I made it through and saw myself in my bed. I got up. The only thing on my mind is seeing Abbee. I got up and left my house. I ran to Abbee’s. The need to see her grew each passing minute. I arrived in half the time I normally would have if I walked. I climbed up her tree. I looked into her room. It was night time and Abbee was still trying to do her homework. I chuckled. Her window was open. I guess she likes it that way. I climbed in. She didn’t hear me. I waited there. I guess I just studied her. She seemed so focused. She was chewing on the pencil while trying to solve the problem. Her eyes squinted, making creases in her golden, honey skin complexion. She was too focused on her homework to notice me. I decided to speak up. “We need to talk.”

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